Friday, October 8, 2010

My first breastfeeding experience

Aaron Houdd and Ummi Aaron - 1st day...

Do you still remember your first breastfeeding experience? --- Well, I do!

When my pregnancy turned to 39 weeks, I started to browse more about breastfeeding and post-partum confinement...

Everything was a first time to me (1st time pregnant, 1st time becoming a mother, 1st time delivery, 1st time breastfeeding!) - That's why I did (and still doing) a lot of research so that I know I'm giving the best for my baby...

I'd zero experience on breastfeeding but all I knew was I wanted my child to get the benefits from the breast milk, cause I knew breast milk is the best source of nutrition/nutrient a baby should get.

On 40 weeks, I was warded for delivery. I told all the nurses that I wanted to have an exclusive breastfeeding (told everybody so that they were aware of my intention! Padahal, over excited!)

I was opted for c-sect. So I'd to wait for about 3 hours after delivery to feed my baby. I was so worried if my baby was starving!

When the first time my son was brought to me for his first feeding, I was so overwhelming! Excited...But nervous! I'd read about breastfeeding techniques, but that was the time I'd to implement it in a real situation...

I still remember the hardness and difficulties....

I couldn't even moved/lifted up my body, never mind to bring my baby close to my chest. Plus, my incision site was (very, very) hurt!

But I was so determined! I knew that that particular moment was the beginning to my exclusive breastfeeding plan! If I didn't start to breastfeed my baby right away, I would never get the chance to breastfeed him for longer time in the future!

So I asked the nurse to assist me. She brought my baby to me, and thought me a football hold position (the best holding position for c-sect mother). And so, I began to breastfeed my baby...

NO sign of any milk came out!

I was panicked. I called the nurse and told her my problem....

She said 'Don't worry, just let the baby latched onto your breast, and calm down. Soon the milk will come out'

Soon? but when?

'Don't worry. Baby isn't born in hunger. He can wait. And you must calm down and enjoy the moment with your baby in order to stimulate more milk'

KEYPOINT: Latch on + enjoy the moment with your baby = stimulation of milk!

The first breastfeeding time was just an introductory session between me, the baby and the milk!

The second time of breastfeeding was at night, and my baby has taken 2 1/2 hours straight for his second time feeding. (because the milk production was very little, so he took longer time for feeding).... My incision site was so hurt I couldn't stand the pain, plus my neck and arms were fatigued.
The third day, more milk had been produced! 
Every time I recall this moment, I'll feel affected.
My son is 7 months old now, and he is still enjoying the benefits from my breast milk.... And he grows as a healthy boy (Alhamdulillah)....

Now I know that I can be proud (thankful) of all my efforts to give my son a very precious asset a mom should give to her baby - her own milk!

All good things come to those who wait...

Aaron Houdd 4 days old =p


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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