Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy birthday Aaron Houdd!

Aaron Houdd 1 year old!

Happy 1st Birthday Aaron Houdd!

Ummi doakan anak Ummi membesar menjadi anak yang soleh,
Panjang umur, dan sentiasa dilimpahkan dengan rezeki2 yang halal...

Ummi doakan Aaron Houdd dikurniakan oleh Allah akal fikiran yang cerdas,
Kesihatan dan fizikal yang cergas,
dan rohani yang sentiasa sihat dan tenang....

Ummi doakan agar Aaron Houdd menjadi Imam kepada para mukmin pada zamannya,
sentiasa menegakkan kalimah Lailahaillallah, tak kira walau apa jua halangannya...

You are born to be a leader Aaron... An Imam to your fellow muslims!

We LOVE You!

celebration tertutup... only the 3 of us... :)

Kehadiran Aaron dalam hidup Ummi telah menambah kebahagiaan di dalam hidup Ummi & Daddy. Kelahiran Aaron Houdd menjadikan Ummi di antara wanita yang bertuah kerana dapat menjadi seorang Ummi, memikul tanggungjawab yang Allah amanahkan untuk mendidik Aaron Houdd menjadi seorang muslim yang soleh.

Kehadiran Aaron membuatkan hati Ummi sentiasa dipenuhi dengan cinta,
Sebagaimana indahnya para muda mudi mengenal cinta,
Maka lebih hebat lagi ikatan cinta yang terwujud di dalam hati Ummi,
Hanya untuk Aaron...
Membuatkan Ummi kerinduan walau sesaat berpisah dengan Aaron,
Tersenyum setiap kali teringatkan Aaron,
dan sanggup melakukan apa sahaja untuk Aaron.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple guide on How to avoid post-partum depression

Pangkor Island, Aaron-5 month old


Actually I was planning to post this entry but it came out like a longgggg essei about my confinement experience (my previous entry) so I decided to make it a separate entry...

Tapi these 2 entries are connected... So I post je kedua2nya sekali... Tunggu2 kang semua idea lari pulak. Hehe...

Post-partum depression or orang2 call it as gila meroyan is a famous term for post-delivery moms.

Sebab utama gila meroyan ni ada banyak, dan tak specific, tapi bila disimpulkan, ianya datang dari perasaan stress. Yes, depression.... And depression ni datang dari pelbagai latar belakang lah... Ada yang becoz kematian baby, some because she has nobody, and feel lonely, some because she couldn't take the burden and pain, etc...

Honestly, I was once consider myself as having a major depression, especially during my 1st weeks of confinement... And it happened during night time....Ada banyak sebab la...tapi memang depress sangat time tu... Sakit, susah, tak reti, tak faham, penat.... Banyak la fakor.

But Alhamdulillah, I sihat sampai la sekarang. stress tu perkara biasakan... tapi kalau tak tangani akan jadi penyakit... So, how to avoid it?

1. Remember Allah, always! this is very important and crucial... When you are in a tough situation, talk to Him... mengadu dekat Dia...

2. Recite Quran or anything that can make you feel closer to Allah... Biasa orang cakap time nifas takleh baca Quran kan? But ada perbezaan pendapat kat sini. But I don't wanna talk about that here, so the easiest way is just read the translation.

What I did was I read the translation and if I was in a very bad mood, I chose some ayat which talk about Seeking forgiveness, about asking for strength, etc... And during maghrib and before sleep, I'll recite a few short surahs to my baby so that he could hear it. The compulsary surah that I chose was Surah Al-Ikhlas, simply because I want Aaron to first, knows and loves his creator before anything/anyone else.

3. TALK! SHARE! It's totally normal to feel sad, mad and lost. Biaslah first time kan... So share what you feel to someone, anyone you could trust. Most importantly, talk to your spouse so that he knows what you feel and your condition... This is also important... pendam2 karang takut jadi bertambah teruk, kand meroyan pulak.... Just talk about anything that bother you; penat, sakit, tak larat, tak kuat... Anything...

4. Get yourself in society.... Have some activity with your friends, relatives, etc, even just a simple conversation... Why is this? Because it's not really healthy to keep youself alone in your shelter when you are depressed.

Ini mak orang ke apa ni? Ya rabbi! :)

5. Have a fresh air! Go and have a walk, a breath-taking scenery, or a short holiday...

6. Indulge yourself... subjective right? Just do whatever that would make you feel happier... As long as it is legal OK :0

7. Take it easy! It's OK if you couldn't do something perfectly, or you don't know about something. Remember, we are in a learning process. Nobody can scold you or criticise whatever you do that seems imperfect... Come on, you are still in a recovery mood right! - Don't force yourself too much

8. Seek help from other people... it's cool to ask someone else to take care of your baby for a while, or to do you a favor.... Just don't forget to thank them

9. Please take care of yourself.... The healthier you are, the better feeling you would have... Yela, tak sakit badan, kurang la sakit hati kan...

10. PLAN carefully so you can have an easier life!
- Prepare everything important before delivery : Baju, lampin ke apa, nursing pad, maternity pad, comfortable cloth, etc....
- When you are close to your due, you can prepare your food stock. Cook in a bigger portion, then store them in a container, and put them in your freezer... Make a few kind of dishes, and store them at a portion just enough for one meal... You can make a week or 2 stock and top it up later on.... Easy right! So you don't have to cook everyday. And don't worry about the nutrient. As long as you take care of the hygiene during the preparation, insyaAllah it should be fine... Bila nak guna, defroze je guna microwave or panaskan ats api...

What else?
Siapa2 yg ada pengalaman and tips to share?

IT'S EASIER SAID THAN DONE, I know. But as muslims, we must have faith in Allah. Every dark cloud has a silver lining....  

Daddy Aaron punya keje! Ish ish ih


My early motherhood experience (confinement day)

Aaron Houdd day 7.. Jalan2 sebab bosan dok umah
Salam girls...

Being a mother especially for the 1st timer is somehow quite challenging. So many questions you ponder about but don't know how to find for the right answers, so many chores you have to do while you hardly get your butt off your bed, plus the little tiny one you have to take care of... Owh, sound very very stressful isn't it?

Of course you will feel content, blessed and happy for having your little one. But it's a normal feeling to get mad, being sad and dissapointed at some point. The mixture of feelings that blend together are incredible!

I'd gone through a great experience of 'early' motherhood during my confinement day. I was c-sected and as you know, it's not easy to bear the pain and the limitation of everything (walking, eating, coughing, etc). I was admitted for the 1st 3 days, and then was taken care by a nanny my hubby had hired for the next 7 days (my moms were also at home at that time). After 2 weeks of delivery, I'd gone back to my apartment, taking care of myself and my baby...and did everything on my own... Alhamdulillah my hubby was a great helper!

But the thing is, I felt lonely, difficult, and sometimes uncertain about anything. Not sure whether or not I was doing the right thing for myself and the baby....My hubby was a very busy working man he always back home late....

So, I have to be independent, and confident! All mommies want the best for their babies!

But it's easier said than done...

I cried a lot... especially at night... I feel tired, exhausted, frustated at things that I couldn't do nicely, and sometimes I felt like giving up.

But I did laugh a lot too. I enjoyed everything I did for my baby, even though it took away all my courage and effort. I mad at things I did wrong, but afterward, I laugh at those things, and started all over again, making sure I'd not repeat the same mistakes again.

I consider myself as a strong woman (just to credit myself...perasan la sikit. Hehe) because I manage to pass the confinement day, most of the time, all by myself. However, My family was a big supporter even though they couldn't be with me all the time. My mom used to visit me and her grandson during her lunch hour time. My dad was the top visitor in the list (to visit the grandson of coz. I was just secondary. Hehe)... And although I was all alone during my confinement day, but I was not left behind. I was surrounded by the people I love.... I couldn't do it if they weren't there for me!

Usually, people just highlight the good and happy thing for having a baby. Some people avoid talking negatives/bad things about it. They seem to ignore or buat2 tak tahu, with the reason "Ish, not nice talking like that!"... I used to share my problem and worriness with one of my friend and she said "Tak buleh cakap macamtu. Awak kena fikir yang baik2 ja. Semua ni dugaan. Biasa lah tu... Nanti kecik hati baby kalau dia tau..."

You know, it's totally OK to talk something not good if it help to ease yourself, especially to calm your heart.... Coz if you deny it, it'll make thing worse....

Because we are all human... We are not perfect. We are learning.

** My confinement style**
Day 4-10
-Time ni best sbb ibu cuti lagi. So xpyh buat keje rumah... jadi permaisuri jugak la. Hehe... Pas hari ke 5 mcmtu ibu dah keje so nanny pulak yg uruskan semua. Nanny ni org philipino yg revert, so xde mslah la dia masak apa pun I makan je...

-I sempat berurut,bengkung and bertungku manja dlm 5 hari jugak la... Nanny yg buat. Nanny dari SPA. I recommend klu nak urut sedap jgn amek dari spa. amek dari kampung....sbb I dpt urut kampung 3x je...pastu give up sbb badan sakit semua... tp mmg sedap la...

-Time ni paling I stress esp waktu malam sebab I xreti lagi nak sesuaikan diri. Pastu incision site sangatlah sakit lagi I masih amek painkiller lagi time ni... Nak gerak untuk tuka position susukan anak pun seksa ya ampun... Pastu malam2 nak gi toilet pun payahhhhh sangat rasa mcm nak gile gak la time ni... dengan my son yg jenis yg muntah banyak... (maybe pun sbb susu I banyak, dia main telan je pastu lebih dose, muntah). Hubby tolong, tp yelah, dia pun kepenatan kerja seharian, malam nk tolong wife lg...kekadang I xkejut pun hubby sebab xsampai hati...

- Biasa org cakap during pantang jgn kua rumah. Tp I xbolh. I bosan and bolh meroyan dibuatnya terkurung je dlm rumah. So I keluar... Visit makcik2, Lepak Mc.D teman adik2, lepak byk tempat la...tp I jaga pergerakan and tgk tempat la nak pegi...

Day 15 - 30
-Every day woke up early...
-Noon time dok depan pc guna internet
-Masa Aaron tido pagi around 10, I start masak untuk myself
-Masa Aaron tido after breastfeed tghr, layan Avatar all 3 seasons sempat habis during confinement :)
-Malam tak masak sbb hubby balik beli mkanan... I just ate whatever I cooked tghr for my dinner if hubby balik lewat sgt
-Buat keje umah time Aaron tido la....so biasa kerja separuh jalan and kena sambung bila next aaron tido time...
- Membasuh, memasak, mengemas, dan semua me yg lain diuruskan sendiri... Tp hubby memang banyakkkkk sangat tolong. tu yg tambah syang tu. Hehe... Mandikan Aaron quite challenging time ni sebab sakit operate pun masih tak pulih lagi... So nak dukung Aaron yg montel time tu, nak bongkok2 bagai, memang seksa jugakla...
Masa ni Aaron 3 bulan kot....

**My menu**
I makan semua makanan yg halal! syarat 1 je: Berkhasiat!
So x goreng2 and minyak2, no lemak2 banyak....

I amek banyak air....seriyes banyak! masalah, pee pee kerap. nak gi toilet seksa ya ampun... tp bagus minum banyak supaya kita tak dehydrate, susu pun banyak, badan pun sihat! PENTING NI.

I makan buah... takde istilah buah panas ke sejuk ke. I makan je. cuma kurangkan yg mana I tengok buat anak I kembung perut... tapi alhamdulillah sepanjang Aaron lahir sampai skang dia jarang kembung perut even I malas stoking kan dia... barut lagi la hampeh. sbulan je kot pakai...pastu tak muat dah semua...

I operate... so penting untuk amek protein supaya luka cepat sembuh... I makan byk ikan...tapi susu hanyer sket la... ayam and daging pn makan...masak je semua style! tapi I like steam sbb paling sehat!

Sayur is wajib seperti juga buah...

-- credit to Cik Iman, Dr. Ijan dan kawan2 lain yg byk berkongsi ilmu especially di dalam bidang perubatan dan kesihatan --
Aaron Houdd day 13

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it true that a vaccine can cause the disease it was meant to protect against?

The answer depends on the type of vaccine. Only vaccines made from live viruses or bacteria carry any risk of transmitting a disease, and even then, the risk is very small and the symptoms are generally very mild.

All vaccines create immunity by introducing a substance that triggers the body's immune system to react and produce antibodies, but not all vaccines are the same. Some are made with live viruses or bacteria that have been greatly weakened. Others are made with bacteria or viruses that have been killed. And still others use only specific parts of the bacteria or viruses to stimulate the body's defenses.

Here are the basic types of vaccines:

Attenuated vaccines are made from live viruses and live bacteria that have been weakened, usually by repeated replication in a lab. Because these organisms are alive, it's possible for them to cause a very mild form of the disease. This happens very rarely, but that's why doctors are cautious about giving live vaccines to anyone with a weakened immune system, such as someone being treated for cancer.

Only vaccines made from live viruses or bacteria carry even a small risk of transmitting the actual disease. The following vaccines on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization schedule for children are made from live viruses:

None of the other vaccines on the immunization schedule, including the polio shot, are made from live viruses or bacteria. (The oral polio vaccine is made from live viruses but is no longer used in the United States.)

Inactivated or killed vaccines are made from bacteria or viruses that have been killed by heat or chemicals. You can't catch a disease from an inactivated vaccine because the infectious agent can't reproduce, but the dead virus or bacteria is still enough to stimulate the body's immune system. The flu shot and injected polio vaccine are inactivated vaccines.

Component or fractional or subunit vaccines are inactivated vaccines that are made from just a part of the virus or bacteria. For the Hib vaccine, for example, part of the coating of the bacteria is introduced. This stimulates immunity against the bacteria itself. The hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines and thepneumoccocal vaccine are component vaccines. Partial viruses and bacteria are unable to reproduce or cause disease.

Toxoid vaccines contain a toxin or chemical made by the virus or bacteria and so protect against the harmful effects of infection rather than the actual infection. These vaccines include the DtaP vaccine, which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. Toxoid vaccines do not contain the virus or bacteria and cannot cause disease.

Source from Babycenter.com


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iklan: Jom Jalan bersama Aaron Houdd...

Lokasi: Golden Palm Tree, Gold Coast Sepang, Malaysia
Tarikh: 02022011-03022011
Pelakon: Daddy, Ummi, Aaron dan pelakon2 tambahan lain yg xsempat tanya nama.
Objektif: Celeb belated besdey Ummi!
*Photos ihsan Ummi Aaron yang biasalah, camera freak!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the know: Baby walker

So happy running, yet still tatau walking

Mobile baby walkers are not recommended, because they are dangerous and associated with many injuries. In addition, they may give babies too much support and therefore slow the acquisition of balance and the muscle strength needed in the legs for walking....

Lagak seperti dah besar budak kecik ni

Recent research has shown that using baby walkers can be associated with delayed onset of independent walking. Your baby still needs plenty of opportunity to walk barefoot. This will give him a greater sense of stability as it brings his feet into closer contact with the walking surface and allows him to adjust the position of his feet easily.

Eh, dah besar laaa... Dah sama panjang dgn Nu. 5 tuuuu!

The Wonder years by Dr. Martin Ward Platt


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!