Saturday, October 23, 2010

Awesome movie: Life As We Know It

OK. Make it very short because Aaron Houdd is now messing around under the table... Sure he'll picking up something and put it into his mouth!

Yesterday my hubby & I went out for a movie. Dah lama sangat tak pergi rileks berdua and enjoy since both of us are very very very busy lately.

We left Aaron Houdd with his Onni (and Ibu & Mummy), and went to the nearest cinema in the town (Bukit Raja)

And we watched Life As We Know It.

OK. I admit I'm neither a movie maniac, nor an expert in giving comments about film.

But THIS film is something very good to watch! Seriously it brought up my parenthoudd intuition....I laugh a lot, (and cried as well. Hehe)

And I did think of my dearie son A LOT while watching the movie!

Here's the trailer....

P/S: Oh I love Josh Duhamel....Hehe



  1. wud luv to watch this movie too!!

  2. btw, just to confess here..
    yeah...i'm a silent reader of ur blog..
    for quite sometimes..
    and i luv the way u write and i luv this blog settings! sgt nice n comel n adorable n mcm-nk-tiru-tp-tak-pndai...

  3. Miss Iman,
    Tak aci! jadi pensekodeng tanpa terkantoi! Hehehe...

    p/s: Tak susah, pergi je carik kat blog template yg free... ubah setting sikit2 je... tapi xpayah la nak buat. buang masa je (pengalaman)... hehe...


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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