Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tick tock tick tock... Oh my Aaron

39 weeks ++ now.
Daily routine is just as usual, plus every morning has to follow Onni and Aaron to send Tok Daddy to office (dorang takut I sorang2 kat rumah kang terbersalin susah pulak. hehhe)

Masih berkudrat untuk bermain dan meguruskan Aaron. Toddler, boy lagi. So what can u expect? Memang most of the time amat aktif, minta ummi kejar, dukung, berguling dengan dia... Tapi kalau tak larat sangat terpaksa la menolak. Menangis la dia, terutamanya kalau Ummi taknak dukung.

Every now and then goes back to Shah Alam, do laundry, chores - cleaning up kitchen, dust, mop the floor, etc etc....

Weekend. Just follow any event - wedding reception, shopping mall, etc etc....

Common teguran from the makcik in the wedding reception " Laaa, dah tunggu hari masih lagi kuat berjalan kau ye. Terberanak kang"

Kalau makcik2 tu kira kita kenal then I selalu jawab "Memang nak bagi beranak la ni. Dah nama tunggu hari" then gelak2. Hihi....

2 days more Daddy will come back. Alhamdulillah he managed to take a week leaves (Sunday to Thursday). I don't know what he has done cause from what I know, the company still maintain the pantang of no cuti in Oct... Allahuakbar!

So sweetie baby, Daddy has sacrificed so much for us, so please please please wait for Daddy OK!

Jom cerita pasal si Hero Aaron Houdd pulak. Lama rasanya tak cerita pasal Aaron...

Story 1
Aaron did something which I couldnt recall what was it. Then I said:
Ummi: Clever boy! Aaron anak soleh.
Aaron: Yes, Aaron anak soleh...
then pause a few sec....
Aaron: Aaron anak Nuar, Ummi! (his daddy's name: Anuar)

Story 2
Kalau dulu orang selalu tanya Aaron (even my obgyne) whether he wants baby girl or boy, or brother or sister, he'll consistently answer sister/girl...

Lately, when people ask, he'll answer : Don't want. I want baby only! (-__-)

Story 3
Sometimes I let Aaron play with my bumpy stomach just to get him familiar with this baby thingy, and to build affection and connection between him and the baby.

I  let him play on my belly or touch it when the baby is moving. Long before that, during early pregnancy, I made the move myself and asked him to touch it and told him that the baby was moving..... I never thought that he knew it was my play until now....

Sometimes when the baby is moving, he feels it and he responds accordingly...

Then... He'll selak his baju, shows his big tummy and make it moves...just like what I used to do. And he'll say "Ummi look, got baby in my stomach! Baby's moving! like Ummi's one"

When I ask him "What's in your stomach?"
he'll say "Got baby food Ummi!"

And now, anything he thinks is big, he'll exclaim "Big like Ummi's stomach!" Herm.... is it lovely or annoying? (-___-)

Story 4
Aaron ni memang ada masalah nak gosok gigi. Dari dulu sampai sekarang. Memang tension je setiap kali nak suruh dia gosok gigi. Ada lah sekali dua je dia akan gosok gigi dengan sukarela, itu pun with tonnes of praises...

But one morning, I asked him to brush his teeth. And this is what he replied:
"It's OK Ummi, I brush my teeth like this.......with my finger"
And memang betol la dia buat macam gaya P.ramlee dalam cerita apa ntah... guna finger untuk gosok gigi. Haiyyyaaaa... Where did he get all the ideas!

Aaron's favorite phrases now:
Oh my!
Oh my God!
Oh Dear!
Ya Allahhh!- especially if he reckons something is wrong... or simply after he spilled over something.

OK. penuh dramatic sehhhh cara dia sebut....

He also likes to use these in his conversation:
I think so! - if anyone ask him something and he really not sure. Nampak muka dia yg tak sure
And sekarang dah start letak LAH kat belakang perkataan.... Marah betol Tok Daddy dia....hehehe

And a few other which I can't recall, of course....

Haih, a few days more and Aaron will become ABANG..... Oh I seriously can't imagine how it would be :)



Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!