Tuesday, November 23, 2010

9 Month old babe

Makan spinach supaya kuat macam poppye!

Alhamdulillah Aaron Houdd dah 9 bulan.... Pejam celik pejam celik dah 9 bulan dah anak Ummi yang seorang ini....

So, apa yang nak di share bersama ekk? Haaaa.... Hair development? Hehehe.... rasanye tak banyak improve pun. Kata orang tue2, time pregnant jangan makan pedas banyak2, nanti anak yang lahir tu, rambut halus-halus and sikit-sikit je. Entahlah, tapi memang masa pregnant Aaron dulu, kuat makan pedas....

Tapi ramai orang kata dia comey dgn rambut gitu. Ala-ala rambut Ipin gitu (Upin & Ipin). Takpelah, ada rambut ke, takde rambut ke, Aaron tetap hero di hati Ummi and Daddy.

Gigi? Haaa... Dah sebatang, senget sikit. Mula tumbuh kat surface pada 2 November 2010. Sekarang ni gigi sebelah pulak nak tumbuh.

Nampak tak gigi saye?

Aaron Houdd dah semakin mengenali orang sekeliling. Dia dah pandai memilih orang. Anak Ummi sorang ni memang mannnjaaaaa sangat dengan Ummi Daddy dia. Tapi dia tak takut orang. Dia suke berkawan. Peramah jugak Aaron Houdd ni. Tak kira awek ke, Abang ke, semua dia suke.

Aaron dah pandai kenal barang dia. Last weekend time kat kenduri kawen cousin, Aaron bergadoh dengan sorang budak perempuan sebab budak tu kacau maknan dan sudu Aaron. Hehehe...

Separation anxiety? Aaron mengalaminye! Pening kepala bila fikir macamner nak tinggalkan dia 2 minggu nanti. Selama ni paling lama pun tak jumpa Ummi dia setakat 2 hari je. Itu pun Ummi dok call2. Ni nanti Ummi dia dah jauh, macam mana agaknye anak Ummi ni? -Entah-entah Ummi yang benrendam air mata, Aaron rilex je. Hehe...

Nak cerita ke bab merangkak? Hehe. Aaron dari 2 bulan lepas dah pandai angkat badan nak buat gaya crawling. Tapi sampai la ni tak crawl pun. Bila nak bergerak, dia turunkan badan balik and creep. Tapi memang dia creep lajuuuuu... Kalah kereta baru daddy yang Ummi beli time besdey.

Tapi badan dah semakin kuat. Duduk pun dah tak bongkok lagi. Dah boleh duduk sendiri (Daripada posisi berbaring) tapi punyalah payah nak tengok dia duduk sendiri. Sekali sekala je dia tunjuk aksi tuh...Alahai...

Apapun, anak Ummi dah kurus sikit! Ramai sangat orang tegur Aaron dah kurus. Dah lasak agaknye ('_')

Nak tahu apa yang buat Ummi Aaron paling tak boleh lupe? Haaaa... Senyuman Aaron yang manis tuuu... Tak percaya? Meh tengok ni;


Monday, November 22, 2010

too much/less sleep in early pregnancy can lead to hypertension in the 3rd trimester

OK moms! this is a very quick sharing moment about somethin' I've found just now. (Nak carik info untuk buat presentation kat Jepun nanti, alih-alih terjumpa benda alah ni)

Briefly, its about how your sleeping pattern influence your health during the end of your pregnancy. The article is too long and too scientific blah blah blah, so I just make it short OK.

According to a paper published in the journal of SLEEP, (I wonder there's such name for a scientific journal) getting too little (less than 5-6 hours) or too much (more than 10 hours) of night sleep in early preggy is associated with elevated blood pressure in the 3rd trimester. The study suggests that improving prenatal sleep hygiene may provide important health benefits.

Not only that, the study also found an association between sleep duration and preeclampsia (a condition that involves preggy-induced hypertension along with access protein in the urine). Moms who have nightly sleep less than 5 hours during their early pregnancy have 10x higher risk of preeclampsia.

The study suggests a consistant sleeping pattern for preggy mom, and also for women who are planning to become pregnant. There's some tips;

  • Establishing a consistent sleep schedule
  • Following a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Creating a comfortable sleep environment
  • Keeping technological distractions such as the TV and computer out of the bedroom
  • Eating at least two to three hours before bedtime
  • Exercising regularly during the day
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime and giving up smoking.

Alhamdulillah, even I dont have enough sleep masa preggy dulu, tapi blood pressure OK. tp for kawan2 yg masih preggy, better jaga lah kesihatan so that we lower the risk of any complications during and after pregnancy.

Arghhh... masa dah suntuk, get back to work! -LOL-


Saturday, November 20, 2010

9 plus 1 medicine you shouldn't give your baby

Salam to all,
Sorry I kinda busy lately I couldn't afford to update my blog. But this is something that *I think* is very important to share.... (Herm, I nie semua important. Ahaks)

9 medicine you shouldn't give your baby (Source from www.babycenter.com, and other few health articles)

1. Aspirin
Aspirin is not good for your baby. It can lead to Reye's syndrome. Other name of Aspirin is salicylate or acetylsalicylic acid. Some/many drugs contain aspirin, so please ask the Doctor/pharmacist every time you prescribe medicines for your baby.

2. OTC cough & cold medicine
Over the counter (OTC) drug is basically a medicine that you can buy directly from the counter/pharmacy without doctor's prescription. OTC drugs don't normally help to treat cold/cough for baby. They somehow can lead to other problems such as rashes, drowsiness, upset stomach, and as severe as fasten heartbeat. OTC drug can easily be given to kids with a wrong dosage.

3. Anti-nausea medications
This medication is not necessary to your baby because most babies can handle vomiting problem by themselves. This problem is normally for temporary only. Let the body handle it naturally...

P/s: keep on breastfeed your baby and make sure your baby get enough liquid. If this problem happens to your bigger kid (vomiting & diarrhea), you might wanna consider giving your kid ORS to counter the dehydration problem.

However, if severe symptoms happen, and baby begins to get dehydrated, please contact your baby's paed.

4. Adult medications
I don't think a wise parent would give their baby an adult's medication. For sure the dosage of the medicine is not age and size appropriate to the baby. Furthermore, the content of the medication might not be suitable for a baby.

5. Any medication prescribed for someone else or for another condition
Prescribed medications means that the drugs are designed for a specific condition only. They are not a universal drug that can treat many illnesses (there's nothing like that). Giving your baby a prescription drugs intended for someone else or other illnesses might not just be ineffective, but also could lead to other severe problems. Give her only medicine prescribed for her and her specific condition.

6. Anything expired
Expired drugs may no longer be effective and can even be harmful. You have to check the date, and also the colour of the drugs. Get rid of discoloured or crumbly medicine. Most importantly, be alert on the drug's label!

7. Extra acetaminophen
Some medicines contain acetaminophen to help ease fever and pain. Beware not to give your baby an additional separate dose of acetaminophen. Giving your baby either ibuprofen or acetaminophen or switch between both two back and forth is OK but you MUST take note on the dosage and your baby's condition. To be safe, don't give your baby this two medicines unless with a proper dosage or by the paed's recommendation.

8. Chewables
Chewable tablets i.e pills are not suitable for babies. Unless your baby has already eating solid, you can crush the tablets and mix it in your baby's food. But you have to make sure your baby takes all the food so that he can get the right dosage of the medicine.

P/S: I still think giving tablet to baby is not good.

9. Chinese herb ma huang (ephedra or ephedrine)
Herbal products may be safe to adults but not to babies. Most of herbal products (even they are derived from natural products) have adverse side effects. They might cause allergic reaction, high blood pressure and liver damage.

Herbal remedies are not a good choice for baby as the dosage might not be suitable. Wrong combination or mix medications can lead to other problems and might also be fatal. Please consult the paed's before you go on to any herbal products.

10. Don't ask for Antibiotic every time your baby is sick (tambah sendiri)
OK. point no. 10 I add it myself. You know, our culture is always if you sick, you must take medicines. The more medicines you eat, the better!

It's wrong! Most common illnesses like flu, cough, etc can be treated naturally. Our body can produce immune system to fight those illnesses. We just need to trust our body, give sometimes to recover. Same goes to our baby.

And not all illnesses can be treated with antibiotic! Those illnesses that is not caused by bacteria cannot be treated by antibiotic. Flu is one of the illness that is not cause by bacteria. It is caused by a virus named influenza. So if your baby has flu, never ask for antibiotic. In fact, don't ask for any medicine because your baby can fight it himself!

Having so much antibiotic can lead to antibiotic resistance. This means, more dosage or stronger type of antibiotic is required each time your baby really need it for the next time because the normal dosage won't kill the bacteria any more. It sounds dangerous isn't it? It IS dangerous!

We don't have to be a doctor to know about health facts. We just have to be a wise mother who know exactly what our baby's essential needs. Do a lot of readings and it will ease ourself. At least, when our baby is sick, we know what to do. We moms are always our baby's first doctor.

12 Nov 2010
Uni Malaya


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cerita 'Eidul Adha Aaron Houdd...

Assalamu'alaikum kawan-kawan.
Yesterday was my first time of 'Eidul Adha celebration in my life. The feeling? Wohooo, it was tremendously awesome!

Early in the morning, I woke Ummi up (read carefully. Hehehe). We were already late coz what I heard last nite was we were supposed to wake up earlier. Thank God I woke them up. Otherwise, we might just having our eid by hearing takbir from the tv. Herm.... I am a good child am I? =p

Ummi was so gelabah preparing everything in a short time but she managed to succeed (I think when we become a mom, we'll be a superhero and can afford to do everything in one shot!)

Finally, we reached Masjid Negeri, just the time the muslims were about to pray. I followed Ummi upstairs to the muslimah section. The mosque was crowded and that was cool!

Ummi went to the end of the saff and put me beside her and she prayed. Just like that! I didn't quite really sure what to do so I just played with some stuffs Ummi brought from home. But I was bored so I kacau-kacau Ummi by tarik-tarik her jubah. She did nothing to respond! So I creep in front of her, intended to pass the other muslimah whom were also praying. But, Ummi took me back to her side and continue praying. It was quite fun so I did that several times and each time Ummi took me up and put me back to my place and she just continue praying until the end. Hehe...

After that, there was a sermon given by the imam. I didn't really listening to that coz I was busy playing with my new girl friend. She was an expectorate from India. But it took a few moments only coz I got tired and sleepy. Ummi breastfed me while listening to the sermon while I was enjoying myself on her lap, and Zzzzzz....

I woke up when I suddenly felt the heat of the sun burning my face. Oh, I was already outside the mosque. As usual, Ummi (the camera freak) took few pictures of us. Oh, and there was Maher Zain in the mosque (I dont know him, does he knows me?) coz I heard Ummi and Daddy was talking about him. But he had quite a nice voice, he did salawat after the prayer end.

Just woke up from sleep...

A beautiful water fountain I was looking at

Ummi and me
* I make a poyo face in all photos so that I look more macho*

After that, we went to nenek's house. I saw 5 cows waiting to be slaughtered. Dadddy told me the story of Prophet Ismail and his daddy Prophet Ibrahim. Then, I played with my nenek and aunties. I slept less because Auntie Shida sneezed aloud it woke me up! Phewww. Hehehe... But I enjoyed myself there.

Then, we went to Tok Daddy's house coz Daddy wanna go to KLIA to send his friend to Dubai. As usual, I got myself pampered by all the aunties! You see, if I grow up as a spoil brat, it is because so many people spoilt me! (I kinda likey anyway. Heeee)

OK, there is one story about Tok Daddy I wanna share. I heard Ibu and Ummi was gossiping about Tok Daddy so I just curik dengar.

This year the surau nearby Tok Daddy's house only got 1 cow to be qurban. So there was not enough meat to give to everybody. At first, Tok Daddy got his part. But he gave away his part to other people and just take the tulang-tulang yang orang dah tak nak and brought back home. He said, "Maybe this is the rezeki that we have for this year and we should be thankful. There are other people who need the meat more than we do"

After few hours, Tok Cik Cham (one of Tok Daddy's big bro) came and gave one kilo of meat to Tok Daddy. He said it was from one neighbour who did the qurban just among their family members (not at the surau). And after that, Ayah Asz (one of my uncle/my mom's cousin) came and gave another half kilo of meat. He said it was from the other neighbour. So all together we have had 1 1/2 kilo of meat, plus the bones!

See, the rezeki is all from Allah... Alhamdulillah...
Qurban means sacrifice. Eid Adha doesn't only mean we must have a big portion of meat. It means much more than that!

Huarghhh.... I'm sleepy now and that's all for today's sharing moment.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Aaron

Hai Kawan-kawan!

Hari ni, 15/11/2010, adalah hari ulang tahun kelahiran Daddy Aaron yang ke 26... Bak kata daddy, sekarang barulah dia sebaya dengan Ummi!
Ummi kate 'Chettt, mau mengaku diri dia tu lebih muda lah tue'

Harini Daddy Aaron cuti! and by right, mengikut plan, Ummi kate memang ada suprise untuk daddy. Tapi disebabkan ada beberapa perkara penting yang perlu diselesaikan segera dan mengambil masa kitorang selama 1 hari, suprise dibatalkan! Huhuhu...

Ummi kate 'Sorry Daddy Aaron! maybe later or next time'

Kira-kira, hari ni pun penat sama macam hari-hari biasa. Stuck dekat jamm, sampai area shah alam dah lepas maghrib, etc...

Dahla last weekends sat-sun berhujung minggu di lab temankan Ummi buat labworks dari pagi sampai lewat malam, tengok-tengok hari ni cuti pun macam tak cuti. Huhuhu. Tapi Ummi lebih kesian. Struggle nak siapkan kerja dia.

Tapi walau macam mana pun, family kami tetap celebrate birthday daddy! Tok Daddy kan, macam biasa lah, since mama aaron pun dah balik bercuti dari asrama, and semua orang ada, so Tok Daddy pun apa lagi, announce dekat satu family untuk celeb birthday Daddy.

Disebabkan hari bekerja, kita celeb biasa2 je di area berdekatan... Tapi memang syok la sebab gather satu family (rutin family, everytime birthday one of the famly member, celeb dengan MAKAN-MAKAN! Yay! Aaron pun makan mushroom soup.Yummy!)

Lepas makan, balik lah!
Tapi Ummi ada buat satu lagi suprise untuk daddy. Ummi kate, even taklah se grand original surprise, at least ada lah something... Huhuhu...(Ummi, tu macam ayat cover je. Hehe)

Atas meja ada satu gedebuk hadiah!
Daddy pun tersipu-sipu and mengcover macho buat-buat biasa je sambil menyembunyikan kegumbiraannya...

Bila dia bukak je hadiah tu, dia pun tersenyum-senyum....
Mana tak nye, dia dah usha dah benda-benda macam tu sejak beberapa bulan. Tapi tak beli-beli sebab Ummi tak bagi sokongan moral.

Ummi kate 'semua tu membazir je'
Aaron rasa cool apa, tak membazir pun. Tapi Ummi tak gang daddy. Aaron gang daddy!
Tapi tak sangka Ummi belikan jugak salah satu daripada target yang daddy nak miliki.

Aaron dah target nak take over hadiah daddy tue. Maybe daddy kena consider yang hadiah tu sepatutnya lebih sesuai untuk Aaron. Lagipun Aaron kan daddy's son....

Daddy, sharing is caring kan kan kan?!

Tenkiu! =)

Sape lebih laju?
Nah, amek kau! (Habes la kereta baru daddy!)
Ni macam Aaron punye. Ni mesti Ummi salah beli hadiah ni.
Sedang fikir taktik nak menghakmilik kan hadiah daddy


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parenting Books....

I'd bought these two books for myself. Before this tak pernah ada buku yang tells specifically about Parenting except for buku 'Mama saya lapar' written by Wardina Safiyyah. Selama ni dok beli magazines je. Tp actually ada banyak sangat buku yang menarik untuk dibeli... Usha punya usha, akhirnya beli lah jugak.... (Dah 3-4 kali dok keluar masuk MPH tu baca buku yg sama.Suke hati je. Hehe)

But as of now, for parenting book, I dah pilih dua buku ni. Christmas discount lagi.
So far bile belek2 buku ni and sempat baca sikit2, menarik and boleh menambah ilmu....

Jom review sikit apa yang menarik tentang buku ni;

1. Reading to Your Baby: Techniques That Bring Language Alive for Your Little Ones (Author: Allison L R Davies)

Reading has a vital place in a baby's development as it's essential for building communication and literacy skills. It's also hihgly pleasurable for both parent and baby , enabling bonding, the happy use of time spent together and having fun with words. Insights into the benefitd of reading to you baby from an early age Techniques such as painting pictures with words and employing facial expressions, hand gestures and soft toys to bring stories alive Suggestions on what to read at each page Advie on using bedtime storytelling to promote a good night's sleep Ways of getting your baby to engage with a story and how books can teach "good" behaviour and cope with unexpected Storytelling games and activities for parties or groups of children Guidance in creating your own tales, using people and events fimiliar to your child

2. The Wonder Years: The Essential Guide to Child Development for Ages 0-5
(Author: Platt, Dr Martin Ward)

The most authoritative and up to date information available on development Pinpoints the vital clues that development is proceeding normally or when help may be needed Intractive parent-child activities that help you monitor and promote your child's development Information on recognizing and aiding children with special needs-from ADHD, autism and learning disabilities, to those who are gifted Dozens of illustrations, chartsmand photographs make the process of development come to life

Sape2 yg rasa nk memilikinya, better beli online kot (MPH) sebab harga lagi murah.
Sekian, terima kasih....

p/s: Buku-buku lain yang menjadi target untuk dimilikii,
Letter to my elders in Islam - Dr. Jerald Dirks
Safe haven - Nicholas Spark
The Confession - John Grisham
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney (full/complete set punye. movie dah khatam dah)
Room - Emma Donoghue

*Harap-harap fulus mengizinkan. Hehehe


Monday, November 1, 2010

Aaron Houdd in the Interfaith Dialogue

Yesterday we went to UPM for an Interfaith Dialogue. Aaron's daddy was invited to be the moderator for the dialogue. Since he was born, it was the 4 to 5th Interfaith Dialogue his daddy'd been invited as a moderator, but was the first time we brought Aaron Houdd to such event. Before this, we were afraid he would 'sabotage' the program by making his own 'performance' at the back. Surely we knew he'd be the center of attention to everyone, especially the girls ('',)

Honestly, I was afraid if that thing happens during the event. Since that was the first time for Aaron, we didn't know his behavior so far. But I gambled myself to take it as a challenge. It's either I'll be in the hall, or out....

I prayed and pleaded to Allah to help us take care of Aaron so that he'd behave.....

Aaron and his imaginations ;p

And Alhamdulillah, he was in a very excellent manner right from the start. He was so active (as usual) but I already expected that. But as long as he didn't scream, its OK for us.

Cume, tangan Ummi dia lenguh sebab dukung dia once he fell asleep. Couldn't put him into his stroller coz everytime people clapped their hands, he'd woke up....

This time, he sat at the back, watching his daddy on the stage. When he grow older, he'll be the audience who ask questions. Later, he'll be a moderator for the event, and finally, he'll become a speaker, to present about Islam. InsyaAllah, ganti Bro.Shah (or should I say Atuk Shah now. Hehe) yang dah veteran tu. Hehehe

Anyway, you did a good job my son. Thank you so much. XOXO from Ummi! Muahhhhh!

Edited on 4/11/10 (uploaded photos)--> Aaron's Daddy

Aaron's daddy and buddhist speaker

Aaron's daddy and Bro. Shah

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!