Wednesday, September 7, 2011

18 month old baby Houdd

Dear Aaron Houdd,
By the time I'm writing this, you are already 18 months 2 weeks. It seems just a moment ago when I last wrote about your milestone. Oh how I often fail to realize you grow so fast that I myself couldn't manage to recall. And now I'm imagining yourself in 3 months later; will you complete your potty training, start giving yourself a chance towards independent tooth brushing, or stop making breast feeding your top priority?

Like other toddlers, you sometimes give me meltdowns. I could expect your outbursts of anger and frustration on a regular basis. Most of the time, it's because of the wrong songs we'd chosen/played for you, or the end of the sport (particularly in soccer) news that you are contemplating, or you wanted shushu (breast milk) but I gave you milk (bottle milk) instead or other simple and unexpected matters. But usually you won't take long. Even so, that short period of tantrums manage to offer me a day-long headache.

Always, your most favourite foodstuffs are raw materials. You can chew butter and cheese just like that! I wonder how those stuffs can tickle your taste buds.

You are a good impressionist. You love to imitate adults. That's how you learn faster, and that's how you make me giggles. And when I scold you with sharp stares, you aren't dare to look back. But when I turn around, you're so dare to imitate my sharp stares! Tak takut langsung ye!

You are also a silent-doer. When other boys approach you and say many things or ajak gadoh, you remain still. But when they are a foot close to you, you'd silently give some special hand gestures to them, or at least a hard push to scare them. That's how you often begin the dogfight. Huh, a 18 months old boy knows how to involve himself into battle? Boy, boy...

At this time, you'd recognized most of human body parts and I can see you already have a pocket of vocabs. You can understand simple orders (but sometimes intentionally disobey them) and you can also give orders (and always expect others to listen and follow yours). And whenever you see alphabets or numbers, you'll recite any letter/number that you remember that time. And mostly are A,I,M, and P for alphabet, 3 for numbers and Ba, Ta, and Kho for harf al-hija'iyah (Jawi). And you not yet can pronounce R and L correctly. For instance,

Flower will become fwower
Porridge will become Powig
Lola (grandma) will become Yoya.
Rabbit will become Babbit.

And most recently, you love to put yo after titles or names. Ummi has become Ummiyo, Onni = Onniyo and Daddy = Daddiyo.... Oh, you just love to buat salah2 sebut after people clap their hands and say Pandai to you when you do something impressive. Memang saja!

In a month, you've learnt so much already. And I've learnt a lot from you too. Especially on encountering madness and seeking patience.... :P

Happy 18 months old Aaron Houdd!


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!