Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A glimpse of maturity

Dear Aaron Houdd,
We enjoy your babbling and mumbling, and we highly appreciate your gentle 'thank you' as ‘thayyiu’ every time you get your crackers or toys or books in your hand - Grow up as a decent man will ya?

Even at 17 months, you are clever enough to decide what you like and dislike. You always know what to wear, what to eat or when to sleep, to the point that you choose how you want to be slept. On the bouncy ball, or on Onni’s laps with her indistinct lullaby, or just Tok Daddy alone is allowed to escort you during your bedtime. Always, Ummi is your most favourite sleeping partner rite?

You are getting more expert in expressing your emotions. We know you hate being left alone, and your separation anxiety lingers for almost the same level as six months ago. You would cry instantly to tell us that you’d notice loneliness in the room, but now you do it even better. Not just cry, but you’ll check to every room with some ‘baa, baa’ sounds as in you find us there. Even in the toilets, even at the back of the doors. You have become proficient in peek-a-boo. But you don’t have great patience in that do you? After a few seconds and you can’t find us, you know exactly what to do to make us find you. So clever huh?  

I remember the time when it was just the two of us in the house. I was occupied with my grown-up world so I let you play alone. You were so behaved and quiet. It was an odd silence. And later that I found out you’d planned to run away! With some of your clothes you packed them yourselves, you tugged them along towards the front door. Half way, you came back to me, shook hands, and headed off again. You took the house keys and tried to open the door. You’d failed. So you came back to me, asked me to open the door for you…. This, should I say, I reckon this as a glimpse of your maturity.

Many times I heard people say you are so manja. I believe so. But there’s one day when your 3 days old cousin arrived, you looked so brotherly. You were so happy with the baby, so busy to give her hugs and kisses. You wanted to take charge of the baby. So we thought, you know, perhaps, it’s OK for you to have adik now. But then, when I took the baby, you got furious. You pulled the baby’s leg, hand, whatever part of her body that you could grab, trying to get her away from me… so boy, I am all yours ha?

You are so good at disobeying orders. When Tok Daddy says NO, you’ll do the exact opposite with your cheeky face looking straight to his face. When you are with Ibu, you love to spill your bottle milk over her, or just wherever you like, because you know that will make her angry. And when Daddy is around, you drink the milk right away. How cleverly annoying is that? :P

I have to admit how tired everybody is when you are around, yet, how happy they are with your existence. You make everybody happy. You are a blessing.

Happy 17 month old Aaron Houdd!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You in your 35 years old

One fine night in Brunei, we played a game named Ku soal Kau jawab. Never heard of that? Well, sure not. Coz I created the game myself, and I was the one who gave the name. (0_0)

Anyway, the game was simple. Each of us had to write 3 questions, any question we'd like to ask, on a piece of paper for a question. Then, we switched questions. Then, we had to answer the questions given. And then, of course we had to articulate the answers by facing one another. One question, one turn.

The stipulation is simple. HONESTY in every answer. that's all. but that's the hardest.

One of the question I asked my hubby was "You in your 35 years old"
And he answered :

2-3 kids is acceptable. But

"A PhD wife as a housewife?"

Ahahaha... -fainting-


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salam Dari Tanah Tinggi Cameron

Date: 17/7 (Ipoh) - 18-19/7 (Cameron Highland)
First time Aaron pergi Cameron. So, OK la kita upload sikit gambar ek buat kenangan. The last time I went there pun masa I preggy Aaron dalam 2-3 weeks mcmtu tp tak tau time tu preggy. Hehe...

Hero of the story

We arrived BOH factory at 5.00pm, and it was on Monday! Perhhh...
Will be off to Brunei any time soon and terpaksa tinggalkan Aaron for
4 days.... Huhu... How sad.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We talk about marriage

Four years of marriage has brought us to the stationary phase of sigmoid graph. It’s a phase where some people describe it as safe and cosy.

Safe:  As you can project your voice without a single doubt, as long as you point it out courteously. Safe as you know someone is loving you and that love has made you feel gratefully acknowledged for whoever you are, even if you think your weaknesses are as big as mountain and as much as foam that floats along the seashore. Safe as you know there’s someone who is always care for you, will look after you when you are strong or weak.

Cosy: Because you are living with the person you trust and sharing the room with the person who know you well enough. You have no problem wearing the same old cloths to bed every other night. You wake up every morning to contentedly see the same face you last see before you sleep, and you are OK with that face kissing your pale cheek and witnessing your messy hair every morning. You enjoy doing stupid things together, argue about silly things and sulk for nothing in particular, then make peace, and then again create another plain reason to be out of sorts, for the whole purpose is just to receive attention.

Marriage is safe and cosy.
But that doesn’t mean it is constant. It has cadence, and the cadence is sometimes erratic. It could change trust to cynic. It could make hope become despair. It could gradually eradicate love if hatred ever welcomed to dwell in the heart.

Marriage is jovial.
But it not always is.

Thus, marriage graph is neither a sigmoid nor it is a bell shape.
For marriage, each plot is determined by the level of love, trust, compassion, and patience in both souls. If all ingredients are well blended, than the graph is expediently significant. As it is translated to a chart, it has greater portion of delight and smaller portion of the other.

And the two people that are happily married would never fail to demonstrate their love to each other, though times constantly age them.  Cause aging is indeed the evidence of love in their life. Aging is seen optimistically reassuring as it quantifies the existence of love.


Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th Anniversary...

Yeah, it has been our 4th year of marriage. I couldn't believe it myself. How fast time flies. In 4 years of marriage, we are bestowed one prince charming that is now taking charge of almost everything. Heh.

4 years ago, 07 07 07, we were united by one holy knot, the nikah.

And yesterday, we celebrated the blessing day as a couple of young people getting themselves into maturity of marriage and life. simple. no fancy event. no fairy tales.

We started the day by performing the Subuh Prayer at Masjid Negeri. Oh, I really miss the tranquility of early morning prayer in the mosque. My heart melted right away as I stepped into the prayer hall.

We went for an early breakfast after Solah. Then we headed home, had some rest, and get prepared for the next plan..... a date with the Autobots! XD

It was my hubby's plan to watch Transformers so he took us to the Golden Class for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (via online ticketing service).... What else can I say other than AWESOME!

We had our lunch at Bumbu Desa. The taste was awesome! It's an Indonesian cuisine but it has not much different with Malay taste, I think.

Than we went to Honda showroom for Honda Insight and City test drive. That hybrid was cool, but the rear seat was not really conformable. For the fuel saving purpose, it has 88 horsepower only. Tak boleh speed sangat laaa... But tell you what, it really is fuel saving! Suitable to ride in a congested area like city/ town. As for City, the 120 horsepower show that it speed up better than the hybrid. But city doesn't have the econ (fuel saving) technology. Only the hybrid has. So if you want to buy a car, you must first set your objective so that you can choose the best car for your purpose... Enough about the car, this is an anniversary entry, remember?

We planned to go to Toyota showroom but we were running out of time. So we drove to Meru  to fetch Aaron, performed our Maghrib and Isya' prayer, watched tv, and lastly, returned home so tiredly, but also happily :)

I don't know for how many more years we will be celebrating our anniversary. But I hope we have the chance until  the end of our life. And I hope our marriage journey continue after we die, where we meet each other in the heaven, inshaAllah.

As I am really in the mood for marriage topic, you may read more about marriage in my blog maybe for the next couple of entries. Hehehe.... Kalau berkesempatan, inshaAllah...


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Terdelete comments

Salam girls,
Sorry ye all previous comments have been accidentally deleted due to the new installation process which has affected few blog's parameters including all of your precious comments!!! Please do not hesitate to leave your comment again in the upcoming or even on the previous posting. I value it all! Mucho gracias!


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!