Monday, October 18, 2010

Breastmilk vs formula....

Sedap agaknye tangkai sippy cup dia. Hehe

I've kept this topic in my brain for quite long. Better share it now, or I'll forget about it for ever =p

I asked my son's paed about which formula milk is the best for my son. Just asking in case I might need to buy him formula milk. Biasalah, dah makin lama ni, makin berkurang susu.

According to her;

* All formula milk are the same (or similar), regardless of brand, and price. The price might be differ due to its brand, local market acceptance, and MAYBE quality. But if you talk about nutrients, they are just the same. The 'impressive' advertisements are just for competing purposes. And they emphasize so much on the benefits of formula milk because they want to be at par with breast milk. Indeed, none are comparable to breast milk.

* Kalau susu dah kurang macam mana?

OK. That's the reason why we need to introduce solid food to bigger babies (6 mo and above). From newborn to 6 month old, babies gain all the nourishments from breast milk. In other words,breast milk are the main source of nutrients for young babies.

But when they grow bigger, the breast milk become the secondary source of nutrients, whilst semi-solid food (and afterwards solid/real food) are their main source of nutrients. So, bila susu ibu mula berkurang bila baby dah semakin besar, itu adalah logik dan normal. Bila baby menjangkau usia 6 bulan dan ke atas, especially when they start teething, we need to introduce them to real food (step by step) in order to preparing them to 'human' food. Logically, bila baby dah makin besar, mestilah lebih banyak tenaga diperlukan, hence lebih banyak nutrients diperlukan.

So ibu-ibu semua, keep on breastfeed you bigger baby, and at the same time give him/her solid food. That should be enough for your baby. Lama-lama nanti, susu badan pun berhenti dengan sendiri. And pada waktu tu, your baby can survive without susu badan lagik....Maybe bila dah besar sikit tahap toddler, it's OK to start formula milk just for additional nutrient.


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