Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anak Ummi dah bujang!

-Premiere Concorde Hotel-

Ummi, chakkk!

Please let me out of ere!

Anak Ummi dah bujang.
Dia dah kena tidur sendiri... :p

Dah 8 bulan dah anak Ummi! Dah nak start crawl (dah buat gaya nak merangkak tapi tak start move forward lagi)...

RAMBUT? Hahahaha....

Gigi: Dah nampak bengkak putih kat gusi bawah die!

His new fav:
# Berjalan-jalan... Kaki jalan anak ummi ni. pantang tengok orang pakai tudung/melawa, sure nak ikut. Siap Babai Ummi die lagi
# Bawah meja... Ni tempat baru yang dia suke sangat melayan....imaginasi anak Ummi bagus ni, Hehe
# Flirting.... Yes anak Ummi pandai buat mata yang menggoda. tatau sape yang ajar. Tapi so cute ummi like! But it's only for Ummi kan? Tiada untuk gadis2 lain. Hehe


Monday, October 25, 2010

Because he's the best thing that has ever happen to my life!

I am very sad because my scholarship has been denied/rejected by the univ. You know why? It's just because I took a semester break for delivery and confinement.

I'd been chasing them (the persons in charge) since before Ramadhan (I made the extension and settled on everything since July) but what I got was a very cold and negative response "Borang dalam proses" "nanti saya call balik" blah blah blah... Only few days ago, I got a letter from them, notifying that my scholarship has been terminated. (Ok. susah sangat ke nak proses benda alah ni sampai ambik berbulan2, in the end, reject!)

Last week, I received a letter from Bendahari, informing that I have not paid the study fees and wud be restrained from finishing my study if I don't pay it within two weeks time. (Giler, ingat aku anak dato'?)

What makes me more susah hati is that I've to go to Japan end of this year for a conference. Gosh, we all know that Japan is amongst the most expensive cities in the world!

So, all this things happen because I was pregnant, and having a baby?

Do you know how hard it was to carry a few kilos baby everywhere, kept fighting the 'every time' sickness and doing the hazardous lab works with tons of worries in the heart, hoping that the baby was all right?

(Eventough I was pregnant, I kept a good performance through out the time. But you know science research is not like baking cake!Oh, yes they don't know)

Do you know how hurt it feels when you know your right is being disclaimed just because of stupid and unacceptable reason?

What did I do wrong? Having a baby is wrong? Oooo I thought it is a noble job!

I don't understand one thing; Government says we Malaysians must contribute to the nation. And VC says the univ always help students to produce excellent achievements. But why is this thing happening to me? - Seriously, this is an oppression towards woman!

I was so depressed that for once, I put the blame on my son. If I didn't deliver him, I wouldn't have to face this problem. If I didn't have him, my life would've been easier. Maybe I could finish my study earlier. And one thing for sure, I won't face such a tough situation.

But then, the reminiscence of him, and the bonding between us knocked on my head...

Wherever I go, I'll remember him, and miss him... a lot
Whatever I do, I'll make sure it is the best for him, for both of us
No matter how tired, I'll treat him nicely
No matter how hungry, I'll make sure he'll get enough for himself
No matter how stressful life is, looking at his face, everything becomes fine!

If he isn't come to my life, maybe I would not have a very meaningful life like I have now.If I didn't have him, maybe I wouldn't have learnt a lot.

Then I know, I don't mind facing all the difficulties and losing all the opportunities, because insyaAllah I can survive.

But to give in my only sunshine, it means to set free of my soul...

Whatever happens, he is my priority
Because, he's the best thing that has ever happen to my life!

Aaron Houdd just after born: Lepas tahnik

Latest update = 25/11/2010

After begging and being fooled for more than a month (mobile follow up mengalahkan orang bercinta, tulis surat itu ini, ke ofis si pulan dan si pulun utk minta sokongan and all), finally I receive a straight answer from the officer (because I was being stern)...An answer that came not together with the black & white coz she said it is still in process. I think the black & white thing will take 100 years to settle!

And the answer was hell NO! And you know what, I've to wait for 4 months and 10 days just to hear a simple NO!

So now, even rayuan pun di tolak. I wonder who was the person in charge (is he/she a human?)
OK. since I've a kind of I knew it thinking, so the frustration is not as big and hurt as before. Cuma tetap tak boleh terima how on earth people can work com-pleasantly without realizing that they might put other people in problems and difficulties....

P/S: Can I curse them? A literal cursing will do better. Can I?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Parent: What do you get in return?

As a parent, you always have to be sure on every decision you make. You need to have solutions on every problem that encounters your love ones. You must always be brave especially in front of your dearie kids, because they always rely on you. They make you as their centre of reference.

But you are just a normal human being. You are not perfect. There are times when you feel week, frustrated, neglected, and surrender.

There are times when you want to run away from everything, or you might wanna blame fate or someone or anything towards the blunt sides of your life.

Instead, you do nothing but embrace your duties firmly, making sure nothing is left behind. You continue living...

Is there any way you could complain? Any time you could whine? Is that a proper thing a parent should do?

Despite all the burdens, weariness and hardness you carry on your shoulders, you still need to smile, and offers the best for your love ones.

But what do you get in return?

After all, you are still your kids’ favourite.
And they are the best things that had ever happen to your life!

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 8.2
Narrated by Abu Huraira
A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man said. "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man further said, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man asked for the fourth time, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your father."

Sahih Bukhari Vol. 8 : No. 18              
Narrated by Aisha
The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said,"The word 'Ar-Rahm'(womb) derives its name from 'Ar-Rahman' (i.e. Allah). So whosoever keeps good relations with it (womb i.e. kith and kin), Allah will keep good relations with him, and whosoever will sever it (i.e. severs his bonds of kith and kin) Allah too will sever His relations with him."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Awesome movie: Life As We Know It

OK. Make it very short because Aaron Houdd is now messing around under the table... Sure he'll picking up something and put it into his mouth!

Yesterday my hubby & I went out for a movie. Dah lama sangat tak pergi rileks berdua and enjoy since both of us are very very very busy lately.

We left Aaron Houdd with his Onni (and Ibu & Mummy), and went to the nearest cinema in the town (Bukit Raja)

And we watched Life As We Know It.

OK. I admit I'm neither a movie maniac, nor an expert in giving comments about film.

But THIS film is something very good to watch! Seriously it brought up my parenthoudd intuition....I laugh a lot, (and cried as well. Hehe)

And I did think of my dearie son A LOT while watching the movie!

Here's the trailer....

P/S: Oh I love Josh Duhamel....Hehe


Monday, October 18, 2010

Mitos-mitos famous tentang lactation/breastmilk....

Baby ladybirdy tengah charge batery... (0O)

1. Susu yang mula-mula keluar daripada breast ibu adalah nanah/kotor

Pergh.... sangat salah!
Susu yang mula-mula keluar daripada ibu adalah susu yang terrrrrbaik sekali. Ia dinamakan colustrum. Ia mengandungi nutrisi lengkap yang diperlukan oleh baby, berserta antibodi yang banyak! Ia megandungi sistem imune yang tertinggi, yang melindungi baby daripada sakit dan infection... (Logik, baby baru2 keluar sangat fragile. Sebab tu susu pertama tu membekalkan imune sistem)

nota: colustrum can last up to 7-10 days in milk.

2. Breast kecik, susu pun sikit

OK. Ni tak tau nak komen banyak sangat, tapi sebenarnya tak betul sebab production susu bergantung kepada supply and demand. Lagi kerap kita susukan baby, insyaAllah susu akan banyak. So, size doesn't matter K =p

3. Ada orang boleh keluarkan banyak susu, tapi ada orang susu tak banyak (alasan paling common kenapa ibu-ibu tak breastfeed baby)

Herm... tahukah anda, bahawa kajian yang dijalankan oleh WHO menyatakan bahawa seorang ibu yang sihat boleh menyusukan sebanyak 3 orang anak in every feeding time? means, bekalan susu badan kita sebenarnya lebih daripada cukup terutamanya kalau kita cuma melahirkan seorang baby sahaja (xkembar)

Kajian tersebut juga menyatakan bahawa rata-rata semua ibu yang melahirkan anak dianugerahkan mamary gland yang boleh mengeluarkan susu yang cukup berdasarkan permintaan. Hanya ibu yang sakit sahaja yang berkemungkinan tidak berupaya menghasilkan susu yang cukup. Sakit yang dimaksudkan madalah sakit2 yang specific, yang berkaitan dengan hormon, dan penyakit wanita.... So by right kalau kita sihat, susu kita memang cukup!

So macam mana pulak susu boleh kurang sendiri?
Herm.... tu kita bincang di dalam entry akan datang ekk... Sebab tu satu lagi topik yang khusus.

4. Hamil tidak boleh menyusukan baby

OK. Ada pulak kes, ibu masih menyusukan anak, tapi disahkan hamil. Ramai orang akan suruh stopkan penyusuan kerana kesian dekat baby dalam perut. Sebenarnya, baby dalam perut takde kaitan langsung dengan susu. Baby di dalam perut takkan mendapat apa-apa effect yang negatif. Teruskanlah penyusuan seperti biasa...

Cuma yang perlu difikirkan sebenarnya adalah si ibu itu sendiri. Adakah ibu mampu untuk menyusukan anak ketika hamil? Sebab ketika hamil kondisi ibu itu sendiri yang perlu diambil kira. Yelah, dengan mabuk,tak larat, pening2, tak lalu makan lagi, so larat ke nak susukan anak?

Tapi kepada ibu yang kuat dan boleh, tahniah! memang salute and tabik spring laaa... Just jaga pemakanan sebab anda supply nutrient kepada 3 orang: Ibu, baby dalam perut, dan susu untuk abang/kakak!

5. Pam susu akan menyebabkan susu kurang

Eh, tak lah. Sekarang maybe orang dah lebih terbuka kot dan mitos ni dengan mudahnya tertolak. Tapi jangan terkejut, masih ada lagi yang berfikir macam ni, terutamanya 'makcik-makcik' kita.

Tak boleh nak salahkan dorang jugak, sebab pada zaman mereka, pam mungkin takde. Kalau ada pun tak la efficient dan canggih manggih macam skarang. Masa dulu kalau pam pun mungkin sakit. Lepastu serik, susu pun tak nak keluar dah...

Cume pada zaman sekarang yang pam dah canggih pun, kena jugak mengikut cara yang betul supaya ibu tak sakit, dalam masa yang sama, dapat perah susu dan buat stok! =p

6. Susu badan sahaja mana cukup!

Ni pun antara mitos yang top jugak la. Selalu kalau kita cakap kita bagi baby (newborn) susu ibu je, akan ada feedback cakap yang susu ibu je tak cukup/tak elok... Biasanya ramai yang suruh kita campur/selang-seli dengan air masak, air kundur, air glucose, dan lain-lain. Ni pun insyaAllah xiet akan buat satu tajuk lain iaitu kenapa hanya susu ibu?

nota: Terpikir tak kenapa susu sesetengah ibu tu cepat kering? Haaa...antara sebabnya adalah mereka tak exclusive breastfeed anak mereka. Sebab bagi campur2 la kurang demand, and susu kurang terhasil....

7. Tukar/selang-seli breast sekerap mungkin semasa menyusukan baby

Masa Xiet dalam pantang dulu, ramai jugak visitors yang menegur cara penyusuan xiet. Dorang suruh tukar-tukar breast dalam 1 feeding time. Cth, every 3-5 minutes, tukar breast. Alasannya, sebelah breast mengandungi makanan, sebelah lagi supply minuman... Pernah dengar kan kan kan? Hehehe...

Sebenarnya tak....
Dua-dua belah breast kita menghasilkan hasil yang sama = SUSU. kandungan nutrisi susu jugak adalah sama. Disadvantage kalau kita tukar-tukar adalah;

(1) Kantung susu tak kosong betul. Masih ada susu berbaki di dalam breast sebab kita bagi sikit-sikit setiap satu. So, ni jugak salah satu sebab kenapa susu supply akan cepat berkurangan (cepat kering)...

(2) Potong stim baby tu tengah minum sedap2 kita kacau! Cube kalau kita kat tempat baby tu, tak ke hangin!

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya... Tapi ni je yang sempat buat masa ni....Maybe kawan-kawan boleh tambah di ruangan komen?! bersama-sama itu, Xiet nak akhiri post ni dengan pantun 2 kerat...

Terima kasih daun keladi,
hi hi hi...


Breastmilk vs formula....

Sedap agaknye tangkai sippy cup dia. Hehe

I've kept this topic in my brain for quite long. Better share it now, or I'll forget about it for ever =p

I asked my son's paed about which formula milk is the best for my son. Just asking in case I might need to buy him formula milk. Biasalah, dah makin lama ni, makin berkurang susu.

According to her;

* All formula milk are the same (or similar), regardless of brand, and price. The price might be differ due to its brand, local market acceptance, and MAYBE quality. But if you talk about nutrients, they are just the same. The 'impressive' advertisements are just for competing purposes. And they emphasize so much on the benefits of formula milk because they want to be at par with breast milk. Indeed, none are comparable to breast milk.

* Kalau susu dah kurang macam mana?

OK. That's the reason why we need to introduce solid food to bigger babies (6 mo and above). From newborn to 6 month old, babies gain all the nourishments from breast milk. In other words,breast milk are the main source of nutrients for young babies.

But when they grow bigger, the breast milk become the secondary source of nutrients, whilst semi-solid food (and afterwards solid/real food) are their main source of nutrients. So, bila susu ibu mula berkurang bila baby dah semakin besar, itu adalah logik dan normal. Bila baby menjangkau usia 6 bulan dan ke atas, especially when they start teething, we need to introduce them to real food (step by step) in order to preparing them to 'human' food. Logically, bila baby dah makin besar, mestilah lebih banyak tenaga diperlukan, hence lebih banyak nutrients diperlukan.

So ibu-ibu semua, keep on breastfeed you bigger baby, and at the same time give him/her solid food. That should be enough for your baby. Lama-lama nanti, susu badan pun berhenti dengan sendiri. And pada waktu tu, your baby can survive without susu badan lagik....Maybe bila dah besar sikit tahap toddler, it's OK to start formula milk just for additional nutrient.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kids are dauntless, adults?

One thing I really adore about kids is their passion to learn something, and their effort to try on everything....

Kids have a 'never give up' attitude. They love to explore. They wonder about many things around them. They do not afraid of taking risk.

Kids are very committed on their missions. They are not afraid of failure.They have no problem to fall, because they'll always get up and strive hard to improve their previous weaknesses.

That's how they learn to crawl, walk, talk, and run for their first time of their life.... those attitudes are the reason why they succeed....

We adult, often think kids are naive. They know very little about life....

But we are certainly wrong if we think we are braver and more superior.

We hate adaptation
We often give up when we fail. And sometimes it takes a mountain of courage for us to revive.
We afraid to take risk. Our conscious is always 'What if I fail/wrong?'
We are easily be defeated by our mistakes. We become paranoid and mystified.


When I was alone, in the middle of difficulties, with a thrown heart of mine, and couldn't find any strength to perk my life up.... Suddenly, I remember my son. I could see his cute face smiling to me, and his efforts toward achievements were all dredged up... And so my sorrow had faded away...



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ummi saye kate, say NO to TV!

Kawan - kawan, cuba teka apa Aaron Houdd tengah buat?


Tadaaaa! --> Tengok TV lah!

Ummi cuma bagi Aaron tengok tv during breakfast and lunch time aje. Itu pun Ummi kate, sebab selalu Aaron susah makan....So, Ummi kate if I skip my meal time, means I skip my TV time as well....

(Ummi Aaron tu garang kan?)

Ummi kate, budak-budak tak boleh di ajar tengok tv (Well, Aaron kan masih baby... Itu pun kira ke?)

Ummi kate, kalau parent busy, selalu bagi anak dia tengok tv sorang-sorang. Nanti lama-lama anak diaorang akan busy jugak (tengok tv) and dah kurang masa untuk parent dan anak-anak main sama-sama...

Ummi kate lagi, pelajaran paling efektif adalah melalui komunikasi 2 hala. Kalau nak anak belajar melalui tv pun boleh, tapi provided parent pun kena guide sama... (Patut la Ummi pun selalu tengok Barnye and Sesame Street dengan Aaron.. Ummi tu macam baby lah)

Ummi kate, tv tu banyak negative impact kepada budak-budak, tak kisahla dari segi pemikiran ataupun perlakuan. So parent kena guide anak-anak mereka supaya tak main belasah aje semua jenis cerita...

Ummi kate lagi, Aaron membesar dengan cepat! Masa terasa cepat sangat berlalu.... Kalau Ummi tak habiskan banyak masa dengan Aaron time sekarang ni, bila lagi Ummi akan ada baaaannyakkkk masa dengan Aaron?

Ummi nak rasa puas dan bahagia besarkan Aaron (yang banyak songeh ni)...

Herm.... Banyak nye Ummi kate! Boleh ingat ke kawan-kawan?!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aaron's fav lullaby...

In your name, Oh Lord, I lay to sleep
to rise in the morning, by your leave.
If you take my soul from me as I rest
please forgive me.
And if I wake in the morning again to a new and bright day,
then I pray you will always guide me
upon the straight way.

La ilaha illAllah, La ilaha illAllah
Subhanallah walhamdulillah
Allahu Akbar.
La ilaha illAllah, La ilaha illAllah
Subhanallah walhamdulillah

Song by: Dawud Wharnsby Ali

p/s: Tapi Ummi Aaron kena tukar sikit melody bagi lebih lembut dan rilex. Hehe
Allahu Akbar.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My first breastfeeding experience

Aaron Houdd and Ummi Aaron - 1st day...

Do you still remember your first breastfeeding experience? --- Well, I do!

When my pregnancy turned to 39 weeks, I started to browse more about breastfeeding and post-partum confinement...

Everything was a first time to me (1st time pregnant, 1st time becoming a mother, 1st time delivery, 1st time breastfeeding!) - That's why I did (and still doing) a lot of research so that I know I'm giving the best for my baby...

I'd zero experience on breastfeeding but all I knew was I wanted my child to get the benefits from the breast milk, cause I knew breast milk is the best source of nutrition/nutrient a baby should get.

On 40 weeks, I was warded for delivery. I told all the nurses that I wanted to have an exclusive breastfeeding (told everybody so that they were aware of my intention! Padahal, over excited!)

I was opted for c-sect. So I'd to wait for about 3 hours after delivery to feed my baby. I was so worried if my baby was starving!

When the first time my son was brought to me for his first feeding, I was so overwhelming! Excited...But nervous! I'd read about breastfeeding techniques, but that was the time I'd to implement it in a real situation...

I still remember the hardness and difficulties....

I couldn't even moved/lifted up my body, never mind to bring my baby close to my chest. Plus, my incision site was (very, very) hurt!

But I was so determined! I knew that that particular moment was the beginning to my exclusive breastfeeding plan! If I didn't start to breastfeed my baby right away, I would never get the chance to breastfeed him for longer time in the future!

So I asked the nurse to assist me. She brought my baby to me, and thought me a football hold position (the best holding position for c-sect mother). And so, I began to breastfeed my baby...

NO sign of any milk came out!

I was panicked. I called the nurse and told her my problem....

She said 'Don't worry, just let the baby latched onto your breast, and calm down. Soon the milk will come out'

Soon? but when?

'Don't worry. Baby isn't born in hunger. He can wait. And you must calm down and enjoy the moment with your baby in order to stimulate more milk'

KEYPOINT: Latch on + enjoy the moment with your baby = stimulation of milk!

The first breastfeeding time was just an introductory session between me, the baby and the milk!

The second time of breastfeeding was at night, and my baby has taken 2 1/2 hours straight for his second time feeding. (because the milk production was very little, so he took longer time for feeding).... My incision site was so hurt I couldn't stand the pain, plus my neck and arms were fatigued.
The third day, more milk had been produced! 
Every time I recall this moment, I'll feel affected.
My son is 7 months old now, and he is still enjoying the benefits from my breast milk.... And he grows as a healthy boy (Alhamdulillah)....

Now I know that I can be proud (thankful) of all my efforts to give my son a very precious asset a mom should give to her baby - her own milk!

All good things come to those who wait...

Aaron Houdd 4 days old =p


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Al-fatihah buat baby Darish...

Pada hari ahad yang lepas, kami sekeluarga telah menerima satu perkhabaran sedih mengenai kematian baby Darish Syakir Akhmam, yang baru sahaja dilahirkan ke dunia kurang daripada 24 jam.

Pada usia kehamilan ke 7, kandungan Kak Reen (my cousin) didapati bermasalah. Baby dikatakan mempunyai beberapa kompliklasi serius, antaranya adalah masalah jantung berlubang, saiz jantung yang tidak sekata, injap yang tidak berfungsi dengan baik dan terdapat takungan air di kepala....

Doktor mengesahkan yang peluang untuk baby untuk hidup sangat tipis...

Kak Reen terpaksa di induce untuk bersalin sebab kalau lagi lama baby tinggal di dalam rahim, kedua-dua ibu dan baby akan menghadapi masalah yang lebih serius...

3 hari Kak Reen di induce dengan pil, baby masih taknak keluar. Kak Reen cakap, dia masih dapat rasa baby bergerak-gerak dalam perut...

Hari Sabtu lepas, doktor pasang drip pada Kak Reen untuk tambah inducer supaya bersalin.... Masih tak boleh...

Last sekali, doktor opt for c-sect... Pembedahan memakan masa selama +/- 40 minit (Agak lama daripada pembedahan c-sect baby normal).

Masa baby lahir, operation theater sunyi daripada tangisan baby. Baby terus dibersihkan dan sempat diazankan oleh ayahnya... Tapi si ibu tak dapat melihat baby yang dilahirkan... (Waktu bersalin +/- 3pm)...

Hanya selepas pukul 12 malam hari yang sama, doktor membenarkan baby dibawa kepada ibunya....

Sempatlah Kak Reen mendukung dan mencium baby boy nya...

Keesokan harinya, lebih kurang pukul 11.30 pagi, Baby Darish Syakir Akhmam disahkan meniggal dunia....

** Kak Reen cakap, sepatutnya kalau ikut doktor, baby cuma boleh bertahan 1 ke 2 jam selepas dilahirkan. Tapi Alhamdulillah baby masih nak bertahan, nak jumpa mommy nya dulu sebelum pergi meniggalkan mommy nya buat selama-lamanya.

Allah dah berfirman, kalau dah tiba ajal, takkan boleh dicepatkan atau dilambatkan walau sesaat pun...

Sudah menjadi rezeki Kak Reen sempat peluk dan cium babynya sebelum baby meninggal dunia... Kata orang, bonding antara ibu dan anak memang kuat, dan jangan sesekali dinafikan...


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kisah Aaron dan Mujahid

Harini kami pergi beraya ke beberapa rumah.... Antaranya adalah rumah Kak Su (my labmate). Hajat di hati, selain nak beraya, nak visit baby Kak Su, Amar Mujahid. Last jumpa was couple of months ago. Dah lupe muka Mujahid macam mana...

Petang, baru kami sampai ke rumah Kak Su. Aaron Houdd dah mengantuk sangat sebenarnya. Mana tak nye, Ummi and Daddy beraya, berborak, dan makan, Aaron pun join sama. Mata dah kuyu pun tak nak tidur jugak....

Bila masuk rumah Kak Su, dengar suara Mujahid, Aaron Houdd dah mula usha-usha Mujahid. Kami pun letak Aaron dan Mujahid dekat-dekat, nak tengok apa reaksi mereka...

Tuuu diaaaa.... mereka berborak sakan! Ntah apa diborakkan tak tau lah. Tapi bersahut-sahutan. Tapi tak lama tu, intonasi masing-masing mula berubah. Aaron pun mula pandang-pandang Ummi dia dan bercakap (mengadu) dengan mimik muka macam tak puas hati. Lepastu, Mujahid pulak menangis. Tak lama, Aaron pun ikut merengek....
before gadoh...

Bila keadaan mula tegang... hehe

Agaknye.... dorang bergadoh pasal perlawanan bola sepak kot. Tak pun, pasal F1... Ke, pasal siapa lebih hero ekk? ('',)

p/s: InsyaAllah next weekend nak bawak Aaron jumpa Amin pulak. Tu sorang lagi gang dia lah tue.... hehe...


Aaron pun nak jadi saintis!

Memandangkan hari Jumaat lepas ada jamuan beraya di lab, tergerak hati nak bawak Aaron Houdd pergi lab. (Dah bajet awal2 tanak buat labwork and nak enjoy makan2 aje)... Tapi disebabkan ada hal yang tak dapat dielakkan, Xiet tak jadi nak join jamuan raya tu. Instead, just pergi UM after 2pm and terus ajar sorang junior buat SDS PAGE (buat agar-agar nipis yang tak boleh dimakan)...

Aaron Houdd pun ikut jugak...Macam biasa, bukan main excited lagi kalau dapat jalan-jalan.

Aaron Houdd menjadi gilaan ramai anak dara tak lupe jugak teruna-teruna.

Aaron Houdd (seperti biasa) membusy kan diri bersosial dengan orang sekeliling, mula tersenyum-senyum dan manja-manja dengan anak dara - anak dara yang ada....(haih, anak bujang Ummi niii!)

Aaron Houdd pun sibuk nak jadi saintis! Ummi Aaron sibuk buat kerja, dia pun sibuk nak kacau. Last-last, Ummi Aaron terpaksa dukung Aaron sambil buat kerja. (Stroller tak dapat nak di bawa sebab lab ada tangga-tangga. Huhu)

Tengah makan sementara tunggu Ummi buat kerja (lakonan semata-mata. Tak lama tu, dia tanak duduk diam, nak tengok/ikut Ummi dia buat kerje)

Pukul 7:40 malam, Aaron Houdd mula merengek-rengek dan buat hal. Rupanya, sleeping time! Tapi Aaron Houdd happy.... Sebab, ramai anak dara nak dukung and tidurkan dia.... Macam raja je dia malam tu. Ummi dia pun dia tak heran dah....

Auntie Ecah mendodoi Aaron

Muke dah tak boleh tahan ngantuk!

*Lepas tu, lenguh-lenguh tangan dan kaki Ecah. Hahaha...

Pukul 8:40 malam baru kami pulang ke rumah.... Penat nye bukan kepalang.... Yang paling memenatkan Ummi Aaron bukan lah labwork, tapi sebab lenguh tangan kena dukung Aaron lama-lama... (Anak Ummi 7 bulan = 8.7 kg).... Aaron punye pasal....Ummi pun sanggup!


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!