Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jalan-jalan lagi...

Memang takleh buat apa la. The 3 of us memang kaki berjalan (my hubby, he is. So we just follow). But I appreciate his effort untuk bawak kitorang jalan2 selalu even just kat shopping mall yg 7mins from home. Sebab that's how he want to spend his quality time with us, and cover balik masa2 yg dia byk spent bukan dengan kami... And for a wife whom her daily hours with her hubby is as shorter than a flight to Europe, I sangat appreciate masa2 dengan my hubby.

So last Wesak Holiday we went to Malacca, 2D IN. Motif, saja-saja hubby bawak jalan, and yang membuatkan dia sangat teruja adalah sebab dia nak pergi taman buaya. (Semua tempat yg kitorang visit dalam dunia ni, kalau ada zoo buaya or shark, my hubby akan pergi)...

So... we spent a night at Casa Del Rio, yang masa tu baru seminggu lebih beroperasi. Not bad, the staffs were friendly, the accommodation deserves some stars ... But the breakfast was herm... To me, I tak kisah hotel ke, motel ke, chalet ke, even B&B jek, yang penting breakfast mesti best. Sbab I ada satu interest yg pelik, iaitu suke breakfast kat hotel...

And kite berjalan kat a few places je around Melaka sebab tak cukup masa and I malas. Heh heh...

So here are some photos...
The room
Night scenery
The hotel...
Some of the places we'd visited
Aaron Houdd & Ummi
Aaron Houdd & Daddy
OK, that's all for now...
Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

His first steps & his 15th months...

He took almost 15 months to change his status from a baby to a toddler. He made me speechless and got me into no more complaining and get-ready-to-catch-me-Ummi status. Yes, no more whining about how and why he is still not walking, but perhaps, afterwards, more of a how to make him stagnant just for a minute.

All this while, I kept praying and hoping I'd be the first to watch his first strides. And when it happened, I was unutterably mesmerized. How this petite creature grows so rapidly. How am I going to catch up and adapt. And how he slowly, eventually has his own life, survive, and then again, change his status from a boy to a man.

Oh how fast time flies....

Dear my Little Houddy,
I witness your ups and downs throughout your life. And today, I witness you walk singlehandedly... I am so proud that you’ve pulled out all the stops to succeed your first step of independence. And I’m in no doubt you are capable to create more triumph in the future.

15months are like 15 seconds to me. Everything seems so fast, so quick. I miss the fragile you. In fact, I miss you in any episode of your life.

15 months or 15 years, you are still my baby, forever.

Date: 17/05/2011: with tears of gratefulness :)

Happy fifteenth month old my Baby Houddy!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

You make me smile, Aaron!

I dedicate this song to the love of my life, the apple of my eyes, the sun of my day, the moon of my night, the soul of my existence....

I love you Aaron Houdd...

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi friends, how are you?!
It's been a long time since my last story morry rite? I know! Well, what to do... been busy growing up and improving skills (Ummi is worry because I haven't walked yet. She says all of her friends' son/daughter has already walked. Herm... Why so hurry Ummi? I'm enjoying myself -being pampered- right now)

So many things to update but let just focus on those that have cheered me most.

The international book fair....
It was my first experience to such event. The fair was crowded. I love watching families gathered around and put their feet up on the hallways, reading and talking and spending time among themselves. It was such a real happiness for a family. I love watching kids and babies like me being introduced to reading materials in such an early age. It just that you know, babies are not preferred to be exposed to a huge crowd due to health and safety reasons.

OK, make it short.... Let us enjoy the photos!

Daddy and I... 

 Recess time with Ummi...

Meet Dr. Ijan (Mommy), Uncle Fadzil and my friend Izzudin Al-Qassam (same age with me)

Daddy's books... And another 9 more...cost him 10X than Ummi's 

These are Ummi's. She'd spent about RM160 for the books. OK, don't compare their intellectual level. Ummi said she won't spent her money for novels and chick books out of the fair. But she buys intellectual books any time... (You see, Ummi always has back up.Haha) 

And this is for me. Ummi grumbled the whole day coz she couldn't get me the flash card version for my Jawi. But I'm fine with this one. Seriously! -Oh Ummi-

Sweet and serene Luncheon with Ummi and Daddy!
Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s normal for the 3 of us having an outside lunch during weekend. But for the past 2-3 weeks we (ummi and I) hardly have time with daddy. Daddy’s been busier these days. He returns home later than usual, and there was one night he returned home at 5.30 AM, had a nap and then woke up, performed Subuh prayer and went to work, again!

So Daddy took us to one good restaurant and told us that we can have whatever we want! Yayyy for Ummi, not really worked on me. What can I really eat with my 6 cute teeth? Tell me!

Happy belated birthday Onni!
I kinda like this most coz you know, it’s the only event that was meant for a (not so) baby like me. If you look at the photos, you can assume that it was a birthday party for a kid like me, not for a 48 year old Onni! Hahaha...

They played this funny game where you have to hide your face until the instructor order you to reveal it with the requested look. And they played tiger, sad, happy, funny, loving, angry, and even poo-poo looks. I didn’t play coz obviously my face remain cute regardless of what character I play. LOL. 

Our big and hilarious family!

Even Tok Daddy? Oh dear...

Ummi and Daddy...

~ When you are a kid (like me), you don't really care about your surroundings. All that matter is you know you are safe with the people you love and they love you back for nothing... When you grow older, you meet more people, and you choose for who you really want to be with. You may no longer need your family coz you can take care of yourself. But then, when you lost, sad and lonely, all you would remember is those time that you'd spent with your family, and those feelings that kept you safe and alive when you were younger...~

P/S: I love you Ummi & Daddy!
OK, that's all for now. See ya later!


Kalau cinta..

Dah lama rasanya tak update blog ni. Dah 4 hari xberinternet sebenarnya. Tak berapa sihat sikit. Alhamdulillah hari ni dah OK sket. Kifarah dosa barangkali....

Well well well....
A few days ago while my hubby and I were in the car, I asked him one Q
"Apa tanda kalau kita mencintai seseorang?"

And he answered;
You'll feel different when she's with you. And you'll feel awkward when she's not around.

When you're apart, you akan rasa rinduuuuuu je, ingatttttt je kat dia

When you're happy, you want to be happy with her, and when you're sad, you want her to be by your side.

Tengok muke je boleh rasa happy, tengok senyuman lagi la cair!

You jadi a  bit (more) sensitive

You keep thinking about her.

You want her to be happy, even if it means to sacrifice your time, energy, money.... everything

She'll always be in your prayer.

Lepastu dia diam lama... And he continue
"Selalunya orang akan cakap kalau kita cinta seseorang tu, susah dan senang biarla bersama. Tapi kalau boleh saya nak berkongsi kesenangan dengan orang yang saya cinta, tapi kalau saya susah, biarla saya susah sorang, sebab tak sanggup nak tengok orang yang saya cinta tu rasa kesusahan yang saya sendiri taknak merasainya"


"kalau kita cintakan seseorang, kita mampu memaafkan kesalahan dia, walaupun ianya melukakan hati kita... dan walaupun ianya dilakukan berulang kali."


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!