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Eat right for two, or eat for too much?

During the nine months of your pregnancy, you are your foetus’ only source of nourishment. Whatever you eat, your foetus will benefit from it. So, you are the one who responsible for your baby nourishment.

It is not a wise decision to go on diet during pregnancy. If you starve yourself, you starve you foetus as well. Remember, your baby is more precious than trying to look like a fashion model.

In contrast, eating for two does not mean you have to double your food intake. It is a norm to hear people around you says that pregnant women should double the calories in order to accommodate the needs of the foetus. In fact, many mothers feel they would be neglecting their baby’s needs if they didn’t indulge in extra helpings. This, would bring you to stuff yourself and would make you put on non ideal weight. If you gain so much weight during pregnancy, there is a high possibility that you might not get your pre-pregnant shape. Moreover, you might risk yourself and your baby with few complications due to overeat, such as diabetes, obesity baby, pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, etc.

So, how much calories should a mother provides to her baby?

Studies done by scientists and doctors have shown that a pregnant woman needs only about 300 calories extra per day, for a total of about 2,500 calories. The extra calories must consist of all the minerals and vitamins that are essential for the growing foetus.

So before you eat anything, ask yourself whether or not it is good for your foetus.

Remember: a little discomfort is nothing compared to the happiness of having a healthy baby in your arms.

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  1. truthfully, the unborn child need nutritions, not calories.

    preggy moms always think it ok to indulge since she is eating for 2. as a result, moms become obese after the birth.

    so to try regain her figure back, she will try to follow strict "pantang" and deprive her post-natal recovering body from the proper nutrition it needs.

    how can she produce good milk for the young child & while at the same time the body is fighting for the same nutrition to properly recover?

    so in my opinion, it is best to eat properly & keep in shape during pregnancy (do lots of walking, swim or prenatal yoga), so that you dont have to do all kind of weird stuff post-natal, just because you dont want to fall into the cliché of "ladies lepas beranak bagai di pam-pam". ;)

  2. haha...sokong u 100% during pregnant pun make sure no or less caffeine. betul x cik coffeholic... ahaks...


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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