Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A glimpse of maturity

Dear Aaron Houdd,
We enjoy your babbling and mumbling, and we highly appreciate your gentle 'thank you' as ‘thayyiu’ every time you get your crackers or toys or books in your hand - Grow up as a decent man will ya?

Even at 17 months, you are clever enough to decide what you like and dislike. You always know what to wear, what to eat or when to sleep, to the point that you choose how you want to be slept. On the bouncy ball, or on Onni’s laps with her indistinct lullaby, or just Tok Daddy alone is allowed to escort you during your bedtime. Always, Ummi is your most favourite sleeping partner rite?

You are getting more expert in expressing your emotions. We know you hate being left alone, and your separation anxiety lingers for almost the same level as six months ago. You would cry instantly to tell us that you’d notice loneliness in the room, but now you do it even better. Not just cry, but you’ll check to every room with some ‘baa, baa’ sounds as in you find us there. Even in the toilets, even at the back of the doors. You have become proficient in peek-a-boo. But you don’t have great patience in that do you? After a few seconds and you can’t find us, you know exactly what to do to make us find you. So clever huh?  

I remember the time when it was just the two of us in the house. I was occupied with my grown-up world so I let you play alone. You were so behaved and quiet. It was an odd silence. And later that I found out you’d planned to run away! With some of your clothes you packed them yourselves, you tugged them along towards the front door. Half way, you came back to me, shook hands, and headed off again. You took the house keys and tried to open the door. You’d failed. So you came back to me, asked me to open the door for you…. This, should I say, I reckon this as a glimpse of your maturity.

Many times I heard people say you are so manja. I believe so. But there’s one day when your 3 days old cousin arrived, you looked so brotherly. You were so happy with the baby, so busy to give her hugs and kisses. You wanted to take charge of the baby. So we thought, you know, perhaps, it’s OK for you to have adik now. But then, when I took the baby, you got furious. You pulled the baby’s leg, hand, whatever part of her body that you could grab, trying to get her away from me… so boy, I am all yours ha?

You are so good at disobeying orders. When Tok Daddy says NO, you’ll do the exact opposite with your cheeky face looking straight to his face. When you are with Ibu, you love to spill your bottle milk over her, or just wherever you like, because you know that will make her angry. And when Daddy is around, you drink the milk right away. How cleverly annoying is that? :P

I have to admit how tired everybody is when you are around, yet, how happy they are with your existence. You make everybody happy. You are a blessing.

Happy 17 month old Aaron Houdd!



  1. hehehe well grown up boy!

    gie ingat x, prof muhammad dulu ade pesan, kalo akak xsilap...don't say 'no/don't' to children. choose other words/phrase...sejak tu, kalo akak xbg budak2 buat something, penin kepala nak pikir ayat, jangan buat bende tu...daripada bende boleh deliver dalan few seconds je, bende jadi berjele2 panjangnye ^____^

  2. K.shikin: Haah,Ingat! and mmg byk buku pn ckp mcmtu. tp kak, biasalah, tak mudah kan jg budak kecik. and bagi ramai orang, perkataan yes and no adalah paling mudah... kita pn kekadang terbuat jugak. hehe...

    Iman: Uh, hg tak tgk dia main mcm mana. main campak2 je. hadoyai.

  3. i like your writing... selamat membesar to Aaron!

    nanti Aaron berkenalan ngan anak kitorang plak ekk! hehehehe.

  4. thanks shye. i'm learning. a alot and a lot and a lot...:P


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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