Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We talk about marriage

Four years of marriage has brought us to the stationary phase of sigmoid graph. It’s a phase where some people describe it as safe and cosy.

Safe:  As you can project your voice without a single doubt, as long as you point it out courteously. Safe as you know someone is loving you and that love has made you feel gratefully acknowledged for whoever you are, even if you think your weaknesses are as big as mountain and as much as foam that floats along the seashore. Safe as you know there’s someone who is always care for you, will look after you when you are strong or weak.

Cosy: Because you are living with the person you trust and sharing the room with the person who know you well enough. You have no problem wearing the same old cloths to bed every other night. You wake up every morning to contentedly see the same face you last see before you sleep, and you are OK with that face kissing your pale cheek and witnessing your messy hair every morning. You enjoy doing stupid things together, argue about silly things and sulk for nothing in particular, then make peace, and then again create another plain reason to be out of sorts, for the whole purpose is just to receive attention.

Marriage is safe and cosy.
But that doesn’t mean it is constant. It has cadence, and the cadence is sometimes erratic. It could change trust to cynic. It could make hope become despair. It could gradually eradicate love if hatred ever welcomed to dwell in the heart.

Marriage is jovial.
But it not always is.

Thus, marriage graph is neither a sigmoid nor it is a bell shape.
For marriage, each plot is determined by the level of love, trust, compassion, and patience in both souls. If all ingredients are well blended, than the graph is expediently significant. As it is translated to a chart, it has greater portion of delight and smaller portion of the other.

And the two people that are happily married would never fail to demonstrate their love to each other, though times constantly age them.  Cause aging is indeed the evidence of love in their life. Aging is seen optimistically reassuring as it quantifies the existence of love.


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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