Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You in your 35 years old

One fine night in Brunei, we played a game named Ku soal Kau jawab. Never heard of that? Well, sure not. Coz I created the game myself, and I was the one who gave the name. (0_0)

Anyway, the game was simple. Each of us had to write 3 questions, any question we'd like to ask, on a piece of paper for a question. Then, we switched questions. Then, we had to answer the questions given. And then, of course we had to articulate the answers by facing one another. One question, one turn.

The stipulation is simple. HONESTY in every answer. that's all. but that's the hardest.

One of the question I asked my hubby was "You in your 35 years old"
And he answered :

2-3 kids is acceptable. But

"A PhD wife as a housewife?"

Ahahaha... -fainting-


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  1. Dekiru...dekiru!!!! expected from nuar ;D
    Gie, you CAN DO it!!!! insya allah!

    korang 35, akak 36...worrait la tu, akak dapat 3 anak sedare ^_________^

    YOSH! 7 tahun lagi!


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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