Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th Anniversary...

Yeah, it has been our 4th year of marriage. I couldn't believe it myself. How fast time flies. In 4 years of marriage, we are bestowed one prince charming that is now taking charge of almost everything. Heh.

4 years ago, 07 07 07, we were united by one holy knot, the nikah.

And yesterday, we celebrated the blessing day as a couple of young people getting themselves into maturity of marriage and life. simple. no fancy event. no fairy tales.

We started the day by performing the Subuh Prayer at Masjid Negeri. Oh, I really miss the tranquility of early morning prayer in the mosque. My heart melted right away as I stepped into the prayer hall.

We went for an early breakfast after Solah. Then we headed home, had some rest, and get prepared for the next plan..... a date with the Autobots! XD

It was my hubby's plan to watch Transformers so he took us to the Golden Class for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (via online ticketing service).... What else can I say other than AWESOME!

We had our lunch at Bumbu Desa. The taste was awesome! It's an Indonesian cuisine but it has not much different with Malay taste, I think.

Than we went to Honda showroom for Honda Insight and City test drive. That hybrid was cool, but the rear seat was not really conformable. For the fuel saving purpose, it has 88 horsepower only. Tak boleh speed sangat laaa... But tell you what, it really is fuel saving! Suitable to ride in a congested area like city/ town. As for City, the 120 horsepower show that it speed up better than the hybrid. But city doesn't have the econ (fuel saving) technology. Only the hybrid has. So if you want to buy a car, you must first set your objective so that you can choose the best car for your purpose... Enough about the car, this is an anniversary entry, remember?

We planned to go to Toyota showroom but we were running out of time. So we drove to Meru  to fetch Aaron, performed our Maghrib and Isya' prayer, watched tv, and lastly, returned home so tiredly, but also happily :)

I don't know for how many more years we will be celebrating our anniversary. But I hope we have the chance until  the end of our life. And I hope our marriage journey continue after we die, where we meet each other in the heaven, inshaAllah.

As I am really in the mood for marriage topic, you may read more about marriage in my blog maybe for the next couple of entries. Hehehe.... Kalau berkesempatan, inshaAllah...



  1. Nice!! Dating berdua tanpa ada sape2 kacau (read: anak). hehe.. congrats to both of you and happy 4th anniversary! semoga berkekalan. amin. :)

  2. happy 4th anniversary! Moga bahagia hingga ke syurga..

    7/7 tu saya gi celebrate besday my sis n guess what?! kitorg g tgk transformer gak.. tp bkn golden class la cam cik puan tu kan...hehehe ^_^v

  3. rindu kat ghah... klu free2 jom la lepaq2...kite cite pasla kehidupan, pasal fashion, pasal pape taknak pasal kucing.hehe

  4. hohoho...tulah..saya pun dah bosan ngan 'kucing2' tuh...if u know what i mean...LOL!!!

  5. happy 4th anniversary. wah dah lama gak kahwin kan. semoga berbahagia selalu. =)


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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