Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby's safety VS Baby sale

Every wife would be very happy to know that she is pregnant. Regardless of how many times she has undergone pregnancy, each time brings the same joy to the family. However, the first time mom-to-be must be the most euphoric person on earth to have the chance to experience pregnancy. Everything must be perfect. Every detail must be in accordance to the plan.

It is totally OK to keep the whole lot in order. It’s OK to get early preparation for the new arrival of the family. But do you think it is OK to hook on baby’s preparation while at the same time the baby in the womb is taken less attention?

I am talking about one scenario that increasingly happens nowadays - Baby fair. Of course baby sale is awesome. It’s kind of a must for every mom to shop at baby fair these days. Mostly is because we can get almost everything in one roof. The price is quite reasonable though. But baby fair is always dense. The density is quite awful that you must bring along your mobile phone just in case you get separated from your company.  Cause there’s no way you could find them easily in the midst of a huge crowd.

So look at yourself, mommy. Are you fit enough to go to the fair? Will you tolerate the crowd? Can you gasp enough oxygen you have to share with other thousands of people around you? Remember, you are your baby shelter. If you are not comfortable, so does your baby.

I have a friend who is nearly in 7months of pregnancy when she first attended the baby fair. She was so excited from the day she knew about the fair. She prepared the list, the money, except for one thing; the hubby. Her hubby works thousands miles away from her for two months, starting July.The hubby was reluctant to let her go. But she insisted. She cried, begged, pleaded, until she got a feeble yes from her hubby. She’d promised to go with a friend and never let herself in trouble.

So she went to the fair with her girlfriend. It was OK at first. She bought many things for the baby. She got almost everything stated in the list. And so, she was very happy.But after 2 hours or so, she started feeling uncomfortable. The fair was getting more congested. Shoulders to shoulders, two ways had become one. She started feeling nauseas. Her feet numbed. Her ankles sore. She’d almost faint!

Her girlfriend called me anxiously, didn’t quite sure what to do. I wasn’t nearby and I couldn’t come so I just gave some simple instruction to soothe our poor preggy friend.

I was mad. Really, really mad. I know she’s excited. I know this is her first time. Of course I know. But I couldn't tolerate her safety, her baby’s safety either. She told us to keep this from her hubby, which is also our friend. That made me even mad.

To me, it doesn't matter how big the sale is and how cheap we could get for the baby’s items, but if we don’t really suit to be in the congested area like the fair, just don’t go. Yes I know she didn’t know things would turn out to be that hideous. But at least she could predict that. Of course she could. She’s 7 month old pregnant. And her husband is away. What if anything happen to her? That’s the main reason why her hubby was so reluctant to let her go.

You know, there’s always next time for baby sale. But there’s no next time for you and your baby’s safety. Same goes to the newborn baby. I still think big sale thingy is not a right place for a newborn baby.


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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