Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aaron, let's fight the virus!

Peace be upon u...

I believe every mommy in this world wants the best for their baby. And of course, mommies always want their kids to be healthy. But what if the baby is sick? what should the mommy do?

That's what happening to my baby- After almost 7 months exploring and wandering the world on his own way, he has gotten quite severe fever (for his first time). And it has been prolonged for 4 days!

Thursday - On the first day, he got a runny nose - a clear color of liquid... Other than that, he looked fine - energetic and jolly as usual... But my mother instinct started to knock my conscious, ever since...So, i started to monitor his temperature and physical movements. Indeed, mother instinct never lies. His body temperature began to increase after maghrib. I stayed awake the whole night, monitoring his progress; Keep on putting damp cloth onto his forehead and cuddled him to sleep every time he'd awoken.

Friday - On Friday morning, he was getting better...He played with his (crazy) aunties, and eat (quite) a lot of mashed potato. My hubby has gone to work so he asked me to bring Aaron to Klinik Adek (the nearest and the best paediatrician in Seksyen 9) early in the morning coz in the afternoon, we're supposed to start our journey to Ipoh. But the whole morning, the whether was so bad and i couldn't afford to bring Aaron to the clinic. Since his condition was better than last night, I thought it was OK not to bring him to any other clinic....So I just gave him paracetamol for infant, given by his paeds, Dr. Safiah Ali when he had his first IV.

Aaron Houd and Bonda

Unfortunately on Friday night, his temperature got higher. We reached Ipoh after Isya' and straight away to my cousin's house (did not see any clinic operated at that time). I gave him 2nd dose of paracetamol and waited for another 6 hours for the next prescription.

Saturday - 3rd day he got his fever and still no sign of getting better. He had no appetite slump but he vomits every time after feeding. Things were worsen when I myself got flu and few symptoms of fever. sigh!

So we brought him to KPJ Ipoh to see a specialist there. I was worried if he was diagnosed of having dengue fever (back in the kampung, there were so many mosquitoes and he got a few mosquito bites). I was praying soooo hard that he was just having an ordinary viral infection...

The Doctor said it's only a normal viral infection but if he still have it by Monday, further check up is needed.

Here is some conversations with the doctor that i still remember ;p

Doc: Has anyone of your family had dengue fever?
Daddy Aaron: Nope
Doc: Anybody from family members having fever?
Ummi Aaron: Actually, his daddy had it last wednesday. So it's the daddy who started it all
Doc: (Laugh very loudly) Ahha, so it's the daddy's fault ha?
Ummi Aaron: I think so.
Doc: What about the mommy? Mommy is all right ha?
Ummi Aaron: I'm starting to get the effect from the baby...
Doc: (Laugh again, not as loud as before) So again, it's the daddy's fault who spread the virus haa?
Ummi Aaron: (smile with full of satisfaction) Yes doc...

The whole day at my cousin's house, I only focus on my son. Of anything in this world, of course my son is my priority! (Sorry cousin, cannot rewang so much on your wedding...and thx for being so understanding)

Sunday - Morning, temperature up again to 38.2 degrees (only minus 2 degrees from yesterday) but in the afternoon, it went down a bit. So now I knew that my son is having a fluctuate pattern of fever. 2 times vomits, but other than that, he was OK. Playing very hard and enjoying himself being pampered by his Tok Daddy and Lola and Onni.

After maghrib until now, his temperature raise again. The last time he had his medicine was 2 and half hours ago. Now, he's sleeping in his room.... By tomorrow, if he is still the same, we'll bring him to see his paeds, Dr. Safiah Ali....


Actually, I've tried to trace where the virus came from and how he got it (apart from blaming the daddy for having it first. Hehehe)

Maybe, my son is so tired his fragile body couldn't bear the fatigue since the first day of hari raya. We traveled a lot - from Shah Alam to Klang to Batu Pahat to KL to Klang to Ipoh and back to Shah Alam - All within a week.

When the body is tired and weak, the immune system is decreasing...So, the more chances of the baby being exposed to any viral or bacterial infection.

Secondly, if you guys notice, the whether is quite unstable lately. Kejap panas, karang tiba-tiba hujan...In Batu Pahat, it was so hot until we felt so lazy to go out for beraya. And you know la, we got air cond in the car, and high heat outside the car... being exposed to constant temperature changes is not good, especially for baby...

Thirdly, Aaron was very famous back in kampung. Because he's the smallest and the only baby there, his kiddy uncles and aunties were a big fan of him. Everywhere he goes, they'll escort him. This includes the time he needed his nap. He has got almost zero proper nap 3 days in the row! Imagine he went through a long distant journey, plus beraya to a lot of houses but he missed his nap time, and a disturbing night sleep...Of course he's not OK! I was a bit annoyed but I cant do much. You know kids, kita marah pun diaorang buat dekkk.... lagi2 rumah kampung. Bila diaorang berlari, bergegar lah seluruh rumah. Bunyik papan yang dorang pijak tu yang buat diaorang lagi masyukkk....So, what to do?

But I know, my son is a very strong boy. Despite from having a fever, he still smiles, laughs, plays, and do all his daily routines with joys. As a mother, no matter how worry I am, no matter how sad I feel, I must be strong! I must support him and encourage him to fight the fever.

But you know what, my son is the one who teaches me how to be strong and never give up. He teaches me that even tough you are sick or not feeling well, you must be happy, especially in front of the person you love the most, so that they'll not worry so much on you!

Thank you sayang!

4 hours ago.... After taking his medicine

Depan camera, dia boleh senyum...Yang sebenarnya, tiap kali nak makan ubat dia next time tiap kali nak makan ubat, kena ambil gambar dia...

Baru bangun tidur... before makan ubat...

Aaron Houdd 3rd day fever... On the way to KPJ Ipoh...Kesian dia....

2nd day fever. Time ni macam dah OK sikit...Before gerak ke Ipoh

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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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