Thursday, September 23, 2010

A brilliant 7 months old boy! ~yay yay~

Alhamdulillah, today, my son has reached his 7 months of experiencing life!

So let see what's in the list ;p
  • Hair : Herm... Believe me he got hairs! As u can (hardly) see, he got soft & silky hairs (macam iklan syampoo lak. ahaks) - Well, try to keep in track his hair development for another couple of months. I don't think there would be much different though. Hehe...

  • Babbling: Ahha, he's now experts on babbling (and screaming!).... His favorite consonants & vowels are A'aaaaaaaaaa, nggeh nggeh, enggeyek, ba-ba-ba, bek-bek-bek & emma-maah.... (so happy bila dengar dia borak, tapi bila time dia menjerit.... Sabo je la kak oi)

  • Creeping: Yeah, he has mastering his first turn towards independence.... Rolling over! my son is an excellent roller. He rolls to wherever he wanna go (up till now, still no forward/backward movements. Punggung berat sangat kot tu yang rolling lebih berkesan kat dia. Haha)

  • Sits with support: He normally sits propped up, assisted by pillows and his bouncer. But he couldn't last long. Tapi kejap tadi, he has shown his talent on sitting without support for longer time! Cleeeever boyyyyy ;-*
Who said I can't sit down on my own? seeee!
Oppssss.... show time is over! hehe

  • Teeth: Ummi, isn't it's to early to ask about teething?!
takde gigi, tak payah gosyok gigi kan kan? ;p

----So that's all for this month's milestone..... -------

See, I'm a big boy already!!!

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Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

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