Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Messy house & a happy baby (",)

I am the kind of person who always make sure my territory is neat. I'll clean up my table before I start studying. I'll tidy my kitchen every time I finish cooking. I mop & vacuum my entire house at least once a week. I'll make sure every thing is on its place. I could take a day leave just to tidy up my messy house. My sister says I'm such a fierce person, and near to a perfectionist.

Actually I'm not... (seriously).... I just don't like doing the same job over and over again (well, that sounds lazy. Haha).

But that was before we have an energetic baby boy in the house. Now, everything has changed.

Having a growing up baby in the house sometimes makes my patience go away. Like my son, he loves to play with whatever he sees. Expensive and fancy toys don't work for him as he'll always prefers books, tissue box, bottles, containers, etc... He'll empty his toy basket and plays with the basket, instead of the toys! (and of course, everything looks so delicious he'd easily poke stuffs into his mouth).

Another of his favorite are electronics. He always choose tv remote, mobile phone & mp4 over his biscuits. He enjoys the games he made himself. The positive side is, I think this is one of the way to encourage his imagination as well as to generate more nerves to function. But I have to be extra aware of whatever he takes and play with.

The thing is, as any other mother whom has other commitments outside the house, I find myself very hard to maintain a neat environment in my house. Toys are everywhere, comforter and pillows in the living room all day, and sometimes piles of unfolded cloths stand very firmly in my room, waiting for me to touch them... One day I finish clearing and cleaning up, the next day it turns upside down again. (As a lazy person), I couldn't bear this bedlam.

Ibu always says "Kakak anak baru sorang, tapi rumah dah macam tongkang pecah dah" Hehehe...

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....

When I'm in the house with my son, I spend my time with him rather than vacuum my house. I choose to interact with him than busying myself in the kitchen. Only when Daddy Aaron is around, we work as a teamwork and take turns to do the chores and play with Aaron Houdd.

From my reading, growing a happy baby means you have to provide a happy environment for your baby. Baby needs our affection, which means not only our love, but also our care and attention. Baby learns faster when there is a positive interaction and communication between him and people around him. Being so strict and create so much rules for baby is not a nice parenting way.

A neglected baby often grows up as an uncommunicative child. Furthermore, giving all the attention your baby needs will enhance his self esteem and makes him feel cherished.

According to my son's paed, Dr. Sofiah Ali from SDMC (formerly known as SJMC), a 5 months old baby may start to need more deep eye contacts between him and his parents. This is to teach baby to focus on something at one time. Talk to your baby and let him enjoy the moments with you. This is of course even if you have to close one eye over your messy house!

Xiet Enigma
20 oct 2010
Shah Alam


  1. hehe...cool mommy!! keep it up buddy! don't let d baby find it very hard to show his love towards own parent when he grown up^.^ i don't have any confidence to be as gud as u either as a wife or mother or sister or friend or daughter...hehehe


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

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