Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little rambling

I should have been sleeping by now. Our flight to Oman is just in 7 hours ahead. Instead, I'm busying myself with the laundry, some cleaning, and this :p. It's half past midnight already and my hubby is still somewhere outside there in the cold winter breeze, keeping up with his work.

Aaron Houdd is not sleeping well tonight, he keeps changing positions every now and then. It's just about 3 hrs he's been sleeping but he has woken up 3 times for breastfeeding. Oh boy.

Nothing much in this entry. Nothing beneficial out of this entry. If you happen to read this, I'm sorry for taking your precious time...

I just feel a wee bit sappy yet very ecstatic with our trip tomorrow. Something big is gonna happen very soon (next year, few more days only) and this is considered a first-small-empirical step for our future. I hope we gonna love this place, The Sultanate of Oman, another gas-rich GCC country.

Other than that, especially for our future as one blissful family, I pray to Allah to keep showers his blessing to us. We are doing great these four years, and wish more happiness to come the years ahead.

Oh... I've been thinking to change my blog template and font. I don't know, maybe to something more mature? hehe... I love this font but herm... been using this for more than a year already. No particular design in my brain yet, for sure I love originality and hope to come out with something unique and suit my personality (and my boy, of course)... My hubby will just happy with whatever outcome. He's a 'good' supporter on something less important like this - Like 'oh God, can't we just use any color or font that people can read?' :) But maybe not now. Nah, still very busy for something like this- not in the priority list. We'll see when I can spare some time for this.

OK, time's out. Better continue my packing and finish the chores before my hubby returns home. Hehe

Till then,
Night night, and sleep tight friends!


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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