Sunday, August 14, 2011

His first passport and the semi-preparation

When I showed this to his Tok Daddy, Lola and Onnie, they all said the same things:-
1) He's so like a big boy.
2) So look like his daddy....

I'm getting more anxious now. Things that bothering me in the days are now starting to slip into my nights. Urghh... ugly nightmares!

I'm still confuse upon my own reactions. Sometimes I'm happy... I can't wait the days to come. Other times, I'm not. I can't imagine how my life would turn out and more importantly, I can't predict the readiness of my own self. Awkward.

Three months could be very short. But it's enough to alter the whole lot.
All I could say is, I'm trying my best to suit myself to the sudden change. And I believe my hubby knows that well enough. I believe he knew.

Anyhow, Aaron Houdd must me the happiest person in the next few months. Because he'll be with his Ummi for 24/7.

P/S: This is just me writing my angst with the hope I can make myself feel better. (can I?)


  1. dah siap!
    all the best to all of you!!!!

  2. nak pegi mana kak bawak aaron?

  3. waa...aaron dah ada passport. He's really look like a big boy, with a big eye;P
    Nak gi jalan mana ni aaron?? ikut daddy pi aotstation ke?

  4. Yatt and Wafa: InshaAllah, ikut daddy dia melawat negara orang...huhu

  5. ingatkan kak G nyambong study dekat negara orang for another 3 years... hebat! hihi

  6. Mia: Itu inshaAllah... dlm plan, tp cik abe tak brape berkenan due to various reasons (mostly sbb career dia sebenonya.chet)


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

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