Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parenting Books....

I'd bought these two books for myself. Before this tak pernah ada buku yang tells specifically about Parenting except for buku 'Mama saya lapar' written by Wardina Safiyyah. Selama ni dok beli magazines je. Tp actually ada banyak sangat buku yang menarik untuk dibeli... Usha punya usha, akhirnya beli lah jugak.... (Dah 3-4 kali dok keluar masuk MPH tu baca buku yg sama.Suke hati je. Hehe)

But as of now, for parenting book, I dah pilih dua buku ni. Christmas discount lagi.
So far bile belek2 buku ni and sempat baca sikit2, menarik and boleh menambah ilmu....

Jom review sikit apa yang menarik tentang buku ni;

1. Reading to Your Baby: Techniques That Bring Language Alive for Your Little Ones (Author: Allison L R Davies)

Reading has a vital place in a baby's development as it's essential for building communication and literacy skills. It's also hihgly pleasurable for both parent and baby , enabling bonding, the happy use of time spent together and having fun with words. Insights into the benefitd of reading to you baby from an early age Techniques such as painting pictures with words and employing facial expressions, hand gestures and soft toys to bring stories alive Suggestions on what to read at each page Advie on using bedtime storytelling to promote a good night's sleep Ways of getting your baby to engage with a story and how books can teach "good" behaviour and cope with unexpected Storytelling games and activities for parties or groups of children Guidance in creating your own tales, using people and events fimiliar to your child

2. The Wonder Years: The Essential Guide to Child Development for Ages 0-5
(Author: Platt, Dr Martin Ward)

The most authoritative and up to date information available on development Pinpoints the vital clues that development is proceeding normally or when help may be needed Intractive parent-child activities that help you monitor and promote your child's development Information on recognizing and aiding children with special needs-from ADHD, autism and learning disabilities, to those who are gifted Dozens of illustrations, chartsmand photographs make the process of development come to life

Sape2 yg rasa nk memilikinya, better beli online kot (MPH) sebab harga lagi murah.
Sekian, terima kasih....

p/s: Buku-buku lain yang menjadi target untuk dimilikii,
Letter to my elders in Islam - Dr. Jerald Dirks
Safe haven - Nicholas Spark
The Confession - John Grisham
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney (full/complete set punye. movie dah khatam dah)
Room - Emma Donoghue

*Harap-harap fulus mengizinkan. Hehehe


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  1. heheh...byak nye nak bace bile jadik mama! ouh...gerun pulak! ^.^

    akak x habis bace lg buku ni, tp menarik la pade akak, tp kat gie, xsure plak...Susan Jeffers's I'm Okay You're a Brat ^.^ stakat ni akak penah jumpe kat kinokurniya je lah...biase lah, kedai buku jepun la katakan...hehehe


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