Monday, November 1, 2010

Aaron Houdd in the Interfaith Dialogue

Yesterday we went to UPM for an Interfaith Dialogue. Aaron's daddy was invited to be the moderator for the dialogue. Since he was born, it was the 4 to 5th Interfaith Dialogue his daddy'd been invited as a moderator, but was the first time we brought Aaron Houdd to such event. Before this, we were afraid he would 'sabotage' the program by making his own 'performance' at the back. Surely we knew he'd be the center of attention to everyone, especially the girls ('',)

Honestly, I was afraid if that thing happens during the event. Since that was the first time for Aaron, we didn't know his behavior so far. But I gambled myself to take it as a challenge. It's either I'll be in the hall, or out....

I prayed and pleaded to Allah to help us take care of Aaron so that he'd behave.....

Aaron and his imaginations ;p

And Alhamdulillah, he was in a very excellent manner right from the start. He was so active (as usual) but I already expected that. But as long as he didn't scream, its OK for us.

Cume, tangan Ummi dia lenguh sebab dukung dia once he fell asleep. Couldn't put him into his stroller coz everytime people clapped their hands, he'd woke up....

This time, he sat at the back, watching his daddy on the stage. When he grow older, he'll be the audience who ask questions. Later, he'll be a moderator for the event, and finally, he'll become a speaker, to present about Islam. InsyaAllah, ganti Bro.Shah (or should I say Atuk Shah now. Hehe) yang dah veteran tu. Hehehe

Anyway, you did a good job my son. Thank you so much. XOXO from Ummi! Muahhhhh!

Edited on 4/11/10 (uploaded photos)--> Aaron's Daddy

Aaron's daddy and buddhist speaker

Aaron's daddy and Bro. Shah


  1. miss him already! aaron, gud job babe~~

  2. Gooood boy!!
    Jage pride Ummi n Daddy die tu..
    hehe =)

  3. eyh... mana gambar saya dengan aaron haritu??

  4. Eh, bukan tu guna camera moja ke? Meh sini bg akk gambar tu, bolh interframe kat sini. Hihihi


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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