Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cerita 'Eidul Adha Aaron Houdd...

Assalamu'alaikum kawan-kawan.
Yesterday was my first time of 'Eidul Adha celebration in my life. The feeling? Wohooo, it was tremendously awesome!

Early in the morning, I woke Ummi up (read carefully. Hehehe). We were already late coz what I heard last nite was we were supposed to wake up earlier. Thank God I woke them up. Otherwise, we might just having our eid by hearing takbir from the tv. Herm.... I am a good child am I? =p

Ummi was so gelabah preparing everything in a short time but she managed to succeed (I think when we become a mom, we'll be a superhero and can afford to do everything in one shot!)

Finally, we reached Masjid Negeri, just the time the muslims were about to pray. I followed Ummi upstairs to the muslimah section. The mosque was crowded and that was cool!

Ummi went to the end of the saff and put me beside her and she prayed. Just like that! I didn't quite really sure what to do so I just played with some stuffs Ummi brought from home. But I was bored so I kacau-kacau Ummi by tarik-tarik her jubah. She did nothing to respond! So I creep in front of her, intended to pass the other muslimah whom were also praying. But, Ummi took me back to her side and continue praying. It was quite fun so I did that several times and each time Ummi took me up and put me back to my place and she just continue praying until the end. Hehe...

After that, there was a sermon given by the imam. I didn't really listening to that coz I was busy playing with my new girl friend. She was an expectorate from India. But it took a few moments only coz I got tired and sleepy. Ummi breastfed me while listening to the sermon while I was enjoying myself on her lap, and Zzzzzz....

I woke up when I suddenly felt the heat of the sun burning my face. Oh, I was already outside the mosque. As usual, Ummi (the camera freak) took few pictures of us. Oh, and there was Maher Zain in the mosque (I dont know him, does he knows me?) coz I heard Ummi and Daddy was talking about him. But he had quite a nice voice, he did salawat after the prayer end.

Just woke up from sleep...

A beautiful water fountain I was looking at

Ummi and me
* I make a poyo face in all photos so that I look more macho*

After that, we went to nenek's house. I saw 5 cows waiting to be slaughtered. Dadddy told me the story of Prophet Ismail and his daddy Prophet Ibrahim. Then, I played with my nenek and aunties. I slept less because Auntie Shida sneezed aloud it woke me up! Phewww. Hehehe... But I enjoyed myself there.

Then, we went to Tok Daddy's house coz Daddy wanna go to KLIA to send his friend to Dubai. As usual, I got myself pampered by all the aunties! You see, if I grow up as a spoil brat, it is because so many people spoilt me! (I kinda likey anyway. Heeee)

OK, there is one story about Tok Daddy I wanna share. I heard Ibu and Ummi was gossiping about Tok Daddy so I just curik dengar.

This year the surau nearby Tok Daddy's house only got 1 cow to be qurban. So there was not enough meat to give to everybody. At first, Tok Daddy got his part. But he gave away his part to other people and just take the tulang-tulang yang orang dah tak nak and brought back home. He said, "Maybe this is the rezeki that we have for this year and we should be thankful. There are other people who need the meat more than we do"

After few hours, Tok Cik Cham (one of Tok Daddy's big bro) came and gave one kilo of meat to Tok Daddy. He said it was from one neighbour who did the qurban just among their family members (not at the surau). And after that, Ayah Asz (one of my uncle/my mom's cousin) came and gave another half kilo of meat. He said it was from the other neighbour. So all together we have had 1 1/2 kilo of meat, plus the bones!

See, the rezeki is all from Allah... Alhamdulillah...
Qurban means sacrifice. Eid Adha doesn't only mean we must have a big portion of meat. It means much more than that!

Huarghhh.... I'm sleepy now and that's all for today's sharing moment.



  1. Aaron look really macho with poyo face!

  2. Ehehe.. Nice moment sharing.. I enjoyed reading =)

  3. the best entry i ever read! gud job aaron! ;p


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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