Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wrap up: Jan-Feb 2012

Bagi la Aaron Houdd interprem sorg2 plak :)

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t :)

Alhamdulillah, dalam diam2 I tak menulis di kedua2 blog, ada jugak kawan2 yang PM cakap rindu nk baca penulisan I (Sila baca kawan2 tu amatlah sikit bukanlah berjuta2 OK). I don't want to say I don't write because I'm too busy with my life. I just don't write maybe because I don't really have the feel to write. Truth: I have a lot of things to share. 

I was thinking to story about our final week in Dubai, our journey home and our new adaptation in this beloved country, but nah, too late now. And sometimes there are a lot of other more important stuffs keep popping out of my head, begging me to transform them into sentences. Yet, I ended up doing nothing than just sometimes day-dreaming about them, and buried them back into my head. My bad :(

In the Airbus A380. Obviously, business class in the Airbus is more comfy than the Boeing's

Big boy huh:p

So, as usual, here are some updates about us:
1) Aaron had gotten his first three-times-in a row nebulization. It was so sad to see him suffers, but that was for his own benefit. I remember the time he cried aloud and we coaxed him. Then came the nurse saying that nebulization works better on a crying kid as the absorption is more effective. And so the Daddy changed his consoling direction from "Don't cry Aaron, strong boy Aaron" to "It's OK Aaron, cry more, cry more" - Oh, so weird! :)

2) Than came his IV schedule, the 3 serangkai injection. He was crying so so so loud while stepping out of the Paed's room. He'd scared some of the kids there! My sister, who was waiting outside asked me "kenapa? nangis kena cucuk ka?". Actually, it wasn't! He cried so loud not because of the IV. He was so macho he didn't really cry for the IV. But.... He cried because he wanted to bring home this one specific toy he's been aiming for since the last visit! Sampai the paed said "Takpala, amek la pinjam sat, bawak la keluar". Aiyyooo, so embarrassing, but funny too! Mujur sempat selamatkan keadaan, tak ke sampai bawak balik rumah. We went to IKEA right after to buy him that toy! 

Nebulization @ A&E SDMC
3) Celebrated my sis's 17 and my 28's birthday @ Kenny Rogers plus 2 cakes. (We finished them all.Haha) and Hung out with in laws. We played bowling. Good moment!

The birthday princesses. ahaks

Rock! Even Aaron Houdd wanted to play

4) My best friend's engagement day. 

5) We will be having quite a different life couple weeks from now. My hubby will be going to Oman for his duty, while I'll be here, with our boy, continuing our life, make it as ordinary as possible, and be happy with it. Most of our friends (from both sides) are so encouraging, Alhamdulillah. We've received a lot of encouraging words and supports from our friends. Thanks guys.

Undeniably, there are some friends a bit skeptic about the decision we have made. They normally don't express it directly but from the tone, the words and the body language, we can sense that. But Alhamdulillah, I assume that is not because they hate us. They just care about us so much, and they want us to be happy as much as they are, and just don't want us to choose the wrong path. They may have different perspective than ours. 

Honestly, we don't love to be separated away from each other. Common sense - no happily marriage couple wants that! But we have to, and it's just for temporary. Doesn't mean that my hubby prioritizes his career that he chooses career over his family. Neither that we are too materialistic until we opt for anything that benefits our financial more than the basic need of a family - to be united and together. The discussions were so long and so mature, I guess... And the plan is for the future, not only for our small family, but also for the bigger families from both sides. Oh, a lot of considerations- come with big sacrifice too... this will also be a jihaad in assisting our families, inshaAllah...

We may be away from each other for 6 months or so (but he'll come back once in a month inshaAllah), and inshaAllah I'll follow him as soon as I settle some important tasks here. Maybe for 5 years, maybe for more, Wallahua'lam. So I just hope that you pray for us, support us and give us encouraging words so that we can keep being strong and most importantly, I can always have REDHA in my heart as this is a big sacrifice for me to follow my hubby and be apart from my family and maybe delay my own dream career :)

6)...... InshaAllah, I'll update this in the next post. Hehehe.

So till then,


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