Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2nd year of life

Dear Aaron Houdd,
You are now 2 years old. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given you the opportunity to breath, to wander and learn more about life with joy. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given us the opportunity to enjoy our moments together as one happy family...

For the past two years, you've learnt a lot! Your physical has grown healthily, and your brain has stimulated more and more nerves each day! You're so expert in making us giggles and gone frenzied all at once. Yet you often be the main topic in our everyday conversation especially during dinner time, when you're not around.

My dearest boy,
You'd started your own steps when you're 15 months old, and you began running a month or two later.

You'd started to have a pocket of vocabulary much earlier....

You got your second hair cut when you're 15 months old. The third one was just last month, during our visit to Tok Teh's house in Batu Pahat. You know boy, personally, I love your long-messy hair and nobody can ever instruct me, you or daddy to do whatever they think is cool to your hair (Oh I think I'm still very obsess with your hair. Hehe)

You've become a little helper since you were as young as 16 months old. You've understood simple orders and could also give order to anybody else around :)

And you started to have serious teeth decay when you were around 19 months old. It wasn't caused by your eating habit because you don't take excess sugar and you don't have the 'empty-bottle' habit. I believe it's due to your breastfeeding habit (a prolong BF especially during sleep time at night, which cause little amount of saliva being secreted, therefore less protection to your teeth - saliva contains enzyme which is antibacterial). PLUS, YOU HATE to brush your teeth up till now! sighhhhh......

You had your first flight at your 20 month old...

And the greatest milestone achievements I could witness were during the last 4 months of your life.
When you're 20 months old, you began to make short and simple sentences. You can combine up to 3 words for a sentence.

We'd introduced reading as your daily routine since you were a baby, but you began your interest in reading much later, especially when you started to memorize words, pictures, and even by pages. When you were 18 months old, you'd started picking up your books of interest during each reading time. And when you were 20 months old, you could imitate my reading, and sometimes read back to me (in your style)! Yet you were clever enough to sometimes refuse reading sessions and wanted to substitute them with playing sessions.

And you began to memorize ABC, numbers, and Jawi at your 20 months old.  But this time, you're more to memorizing than recognizing. But you improve your skills so fast. You started to know and recognize number 1 to 10, 60% of ABC and 50% of Jawi a month later. Sometimes you made small mistakes, but it's OK honey, I make mistakes too. Sometimes I still have to sing ABC song to know which alphabet comes first :)

At your 22 months old, you're able to make animal sounds. It was so funny and cute too. We never bore to hear that! haha. 

You were also managed to memorize Surah Al-Ikhlas at your 22 months old. Although the pronunciations were a bit obscure, but it's good enough you could make an effort to memorize the chapter in the Quran that defines Allah the Almighty in the best way. And somehow, you knew that Allah is the creator of you, apple, moon, flowers, cats, and a lot more!

And when you were 23 months old, you started to create longer sentences for a conversation. Brilliant enough, the sentences that you're able to create were almost perfect most of the time. For instance, you could say "Daddy look, what happen Lola's car?" or "Daddy, move fast!" or "Ummiyo, sit at the back" or "Oh no, what happen? Car broken!". And your favorite sentence is always "Don't want Daddiyo, want Ummiyo!" Hahaha....

And now, at your 24 months old, you've mastered many skills and understand both Malay and English quite well (and al-arqam from wahid until 'asyra).

And you know to say "Hug me" to ask for a hug, or instead "Hug Ummi" to give me a very warm hug!

Yet, you still haven't start your potty training... and still benefit the breastfeeding. Big boy already, how come?! :)

Lovely boy, 
I hope you could read this 10 or 20 years later, especially during your hard time or when you are upset/down. So that when you read this, you could realize how brilliant you are, and that you are so special, especially to us, your parents.

And hope I will always remember these for the rest of my life. 
You are my baby no matter how big you are, and you are always important to me.

*Let's enjoy some photos taken yesterday (26/2/2012), during the celebration of Aaron Houdd's 2nd birthday at Tasik Raja Lumu, Shah Alam.

Mr. & Mrs. Anuar with Anuar Junior :)

The ladies from both families

Lots of love <3


  1. 2 years in a blink of an eye. Aaron be a good boy to Ummi k..

    Gie, Anuar jalan bila?

  2. Shye: Anuar bertolak sabtu lepas, 3hb.:)


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