Tuesday, January 31, 2012

23 Month old Aaron Houdd

All myVi are Lola's car,
All NazaRia are Tok Dy's car
All black W11 are Daddy's car

He knows 1-10, but confuse between 6 and 9.
He knows shapes but only yed and yeyyow for colors. Yed, is his all time fav color :))

And every morning when he wakes up, standing still with both hands at his back, I can see how big he is right now, how tall and how charming he is... And every time I see that, I keep reminding myself that he's not a baby anymore....

He's not a baby anymore..... :)



  1. so cuteee :D

    wey ko bagi susu ape kat aaron skang?

  2. Badjie !!!!! Tiba-tiba buleh terjumpa 'korang' tengah-tengah blogwalking.....MasyaAllah...

    How are u guys? Aaaron Houdd dah besar, jadi anak bujang dah..

    By the way, Badjie sekarang kt Oman ke? Buat apa sana? Sambung PHD ke atau Anuar berhijrah kerja?

    -Kak Dinie, Bro KHAW-

  3. Kak Dinie! Alhamdulillah jumpa kat sini. lama xjmp tau2 ajwad dh jadi abang ek! :)

    Shye: kat mesia ni aku bagi Anmum. Tp Alhamdulillah Aaron tak senstif sgt, fresh milk n UHT Dutch Lady pn jalan je.


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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