Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New beginning and Parenting tips by Nouman Ali Khan

I know I'm gonna miss Dubai life (I miss the winter breeze, the comfy place we were staying, etc) But honestly, I don't really adore Dubai life as a whole. If I were given the choice to live in one of the countries that I'd visited, I'll choose Japan, EVEN THOUGH it's not an Islamic country. The only problem is the language barrier. hehe... (I should've post review entries about those countries that I'd visited in my other blog but my bad I couldn't make it. InshaAllah one day)

And now, I'm still catching up our new life here. I have to say new because this 2012 is the year full of new big plans and deadlines! :( Daddy Aaron will be leaving very soon and I've to get prepared.

Anyway, today is the first day Aaron Houdd stays with Onni. Till 11.34am this morning, he's refused to bathe. And I've called them 3 times in 5 hours just to check on him. So far, Alhamdulillah he's doing fine. Buli mama, Ibu and Ucu la tu.

Oh, lupe nak habaq, Aaron Houdd was suffered wif fever 2 hours before we arrived Malaysia. Ramai cakap tu sebab taknak balik ke apa tu. Hehe. And now, Alhamdulillah he's getting better- no fever, just coughing. But he has problem with night sleep, maybe still adapting himself with the new environment. (Yo yo je. Macamla lama sangat tinggalkan rumah ni. huhu)

Oh, actually I want to post this one parenting video by Nouman Ali Khan. I fell in love with his speech the first time I heard him. And this one video, is superb! he gives you info, facts, and also humor, all in one!

Let's enjoy!

As I watch this video, I instantly remember one conversation between my hubby and I, where he shared with me one surprising fact; Some muslim men (from some islamic countries) totally think that raising kids is mom's job. They don't even bother to know anything about their kids. Their excuse is because they have to work hard everyday to provide good living for the family. So the mother has to stay at home, take care of everything else the father doesn't do. They even say that in marriage, love only exists in the early years of marriage. After 2-3 years, especially when you already have kids, you don't really have to love your wife. As long as you are being responsible, you are doing your part already. They said that it's a wife's responsibility to love and care about you, to respect you no matter what. But it's not your responsibility to return the love. You are a man, you are superior than the woman!

And my hubby said it's normal for them (they make it as a culture) to spend their hours in the office, and spend more time with friends past the working hours. It's more like they are actually running away from their role as a father/husband..

And I was pissed off and directly ask my hubby, how many kids they normally have?
My hubby said, average is more than one. Some even have 4-5 kids.
U see? they know how to 'make' kids but apparently so ignorant to raise them.... Huh

* If only they know that in the Quran, Allah has mentioned more about fatherhood (relationship between the father and the children) than the relationship between the mothers and the children. 

Na'uzubillah. Moga kita menjadi ibu bapa yang cemerlang. Ameen :)

Oh by the way, there is one great point Bro Nouman has emphasized on; it's about patience. By giving the story of Prophet Ya'aqub and his children as an example, he has pointed out a very good fact on what we parents always forgot, or having it very least in our parenting skill... Indeed, great patience is always necessary in parenthood :)


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