Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to enjoy yummy cornflakes, by Aaron Houdd

Last night, as I was reading my journal for a good 5 minutes (or maybe less?), Aaron Houdd suddenly came and spilled his chicken porridge over my lappy's keyboard.... I was perplexed and almost went nuts!

Than, just after that, he did something else....

I was so exhausted... and couldn't take any more pressure (Imagine now that your laptop is so messy)... I just let him enjoy whatever he was doing....

And than, decided to just enjoy the moment, took it as one of his learning process, I ended up making a video out of the chaos....

And the video is specially dedicated to my family members, especially those who always ask me to upload more photos and videos of Aaron Houdd (like everyday asking me to do that, OK! hehe)....

To Tok Daddy, we know you may geleng kepala and cakap Ummi Aaron tak senonoh and all, but that's the point! Hahaha.... Chillax and peace! :)

So enjoy!

Oppsss.. Don't worry, so far Aaron sihat walafiat and tak sakit perut ke apa.... hehe.

Dua gambar kat atas tu Aaron amek sendiri, dia tekan self-timer kot. Hahaha.... self obsession, like who? (Daddy, sila jawab.haha)



  1. Naughty Aaron Houdd. hehehe... plus sangat rajin vacum rumah. tapiiii dah lenyek2 guna kasut umi, then makan. OMG!!

  2. gilakkkk..
    like ummi like son..
    haha..loqlaq sungguh aaron ngn ummi ni..haishhh


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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