Friday, November 11, 2011

Another 4 months to go

Huarghhhh.... 4 hours of staying up ended up with only 2 paragraphs of my thesis writing? Oh how pathetic! Hehe... Well, if considering the journals reading and digestion of info, I think the result is fair enough (ayat cover la tue)

I guess my blog is not that active anymore. Not that I don't have anything to share. Honestly there are a lot of things I want to share with you. It's only the matter of time here. But if the average I take about 5-30 min to finish an entry (depending of length and idea), I think I should have no problem to have quite a frequent update here (Macamla ada orang nak baca sangat.Hehe). Anyhow.... Mood is also counted. Sorry. :D

Oh, I already have a facebook account! My hubby did it for me... Maybe he couldn't stand my whine of loneliness and dreariness, so he picked one way to make me happy. Haha... But I normally just take about 5-10 min for my facebook on9 at a time, and normally I'm on facebook for about 3 times per day. (3 diff times, each for about 5 to 10 min)... That is enough to have an update, return comments, and make a few chatting. Only if I want to upload photos, read some info and good articles from the scholars or have a long conversation with my closest friends, I would normally take longer time. Otherwise, I will just switch on the laptop and facebook/YM, but would not be on my desk. So sorry to those who had initiate a conversation with me but I didn't respond to it. I wasn't on my desk. Next time, inshaAllah.

Enough about me, lets talk about Aaron Houdd (at last huh, that's the whole purpose you guys would ever read this blog, right! To know about my boy... Not me. Hahaha)

Well, well, lets begin with his milestone...
He is now 20 months old and 2 weeks. At this point of time, he can pick up short and simple words for a conversation. He begins to mix and match a few words to make sentences. For instance, when we ask him where's the moon, rather than just pointing up or say 'up' he now would answer "up there" and facing up. When he wants me to take a ball for him, he would sometime say "Ummiyo, tik it ball" (Ummi, take the ball). He would have a pause before he pronounce something, perhaps to remember the words. Or sometimes, with full of confident, he just blurt out any obscure sound to pronounce the word. Say when I show him a cucumber, sometimes he'd guess it right. Other time he'd say "fwog" (frog), maybe because of its green colour, or otherwise he'd just say something like "potobow" (some kind of potato and cucmber) or "fed appol" (fried apple). Well, it actually depends on what is the last thing he'd seen/play with. Honestly, sometimes we can't understand what he's trying to say. So pandai2la cover, ask him to repeat several times with encouragement, than baru faham... Haha.

He memorizes 30% of ABC, 40 to 50% of 1 to 10 and 30-40% of Jawi. He knows Al-quran (he calls it qu' an) and he loves to imitate the way we read the Qu'ran... You know, like just mumbling with his own rhythm.  (macam kalau kita baca qur'an kan biasa ada rhythm). But the huruf Kho is what he would always emphasize during the reciting. Funny but impressive! 

Aaon Houdd is an active boy. He can approach anybody when he's in a good mood. He loves making friend. But biasalah kena monitor jugak sometimes the way he plays is quite aggressive. Boy kan... 

And he is a polite boy in some way. Hehe. Other than saying thank you in a small voice, he now knows to say sorry, in a very small voice as well. I notice he would say "showwy" when he wants to pass by us, especially during his play (rolling the backpack, walking with big slippers on his feet, or racing his cars). It is like "excuse me". And kalau he accidently jatuhkan barang, he would say "Allah!" the way we adult say it. Haha

And he's a big helper, too. He often helps me with the laundry (though it would take a few times of loading and unloading the laundry), carrying the dirty laundry to pursue cleaning (he would sometimes hide any of his cloth that he doesn't want it to be cleaned, until I found it somewhere in the drawer or underneath the couch. I would ask first whether he wants the cloth to be cleaned, and when he says "don't want", he'll put it back to where he'd hidden it) Oh sometimes he 'helps' me to put all the cleaned clothes into his stroller and he strolls them everywhere until most of the clothes scatter around. Pheww...

He helps me with the cooking and sweeping too... But most of the time, everything will become messier and all I do the whole day is to clean up and find the hidden things he's been hiding when I'm not looking. Tiresome.... But it's good for his learning proses. And my learning proses as well. :P

Above all, he is my baby (that's what he says), a handsome one (according to him).....


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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