Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aaron dah mengecut?

Daddy Aaron beli baju ni masa Aaron berusia 2 bulan. He bought them in a pair of I love Mom & I love Dad.. From the tag, the rompers are for the size of 6-12 month old baby. At first, we thought to wait until Aaron reaches that age... Until one day, I saja je bagi Aaron try pakai, tengok2 it fits him just nice...

And pada usia Aaron 10 bulan, romper ni dah tak muat dah... I love these rompers so I keep them underneath the other clothes yang masih muat di pakai (Selalu baju yang tak muat I simpan separately)

And yesterday, Aaron's Ibu (my sis) bathed him, and tried to wear this romper on him... And surprisingly, it fits him, again, just nice....

 Aaron Houdd 3 month old's version

Aaron Houdd 15 month old's version

He was born with the weight of 3.5 kg, and now, for the past 4-5 months, he keeps his weight off the track (approx 9.5 - 9.8kg), sampai doctor suruh Ummi Aaron spend lebih masa untuk Aaron, and be more creative in preparing his meal... (you know, toddler being a super picky eater... And he is now one of them)

But as a genetic student, I couldn't help but to claim:
It's genetic, doc! like, can't you see it? it's kinda obvious! :-p

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  1. kak, raudhah pun sama.berat menten jek.
    kurus slim haha.masa lahir bukan main 3.63kg :p
    tp mak saya ckp, bby yg lahir besar, nnti die grow kcik je..mungkin benarlah kut :)


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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