Friday, June 17, 2011

His first professional hair cut

 Hi there, lama dah rasenya tak update blog ni... Sorry, been extremely busy lately (lame excuse,dowh!)

Sebab dah lama tak update blog, so there are quite many things to tell about. Yet, most of them are just an ordinary routine of daily life.... So takpela tak citer kan?

But there's one major thing just happened last night. It was all started with just a little thought my hubby and I have had - About the messiness (but still so lovely) of Aaron's hair. And did he need a trim?

The hair wasn't growing evenly. Some of it grew longer than the others. Some grew wildly to the opposite direction, criss-crossing each other and tangles. Others chose to grow stern, with no direction at all...... Anyhow, I like his hair colour – not too dark, complementing his skin tone. The texture was so soft that you would want to stroke that silky piece of art gently with your palm over and over again.

But yes, it was a little bit too messy that sometimes I could find scrap of his food samples glued to the strands.

Another thing that sometimes does annoy me is that people tend to ask me whether he’s a he or a she.  They sometimes go beyond the “Owh I thought he’s a girl”. I always feel awkward every time I hear the question. Of course he’s a boy. I mean, can’t you see how strong, cheeky and lively he is? He’s not sissy at all! Herm, maybe the hair has somehow contributed to the misunderstanding. So, yes, it’s good to have him a boyish hair style.

Aaron Houdd went to the hair salon with the daddy while I was having my Iftar. And when they came back, I was so shock by his new look. That’s not the trim that I imagined! I just want him to get some neat hair cut, not him getting bald. Seriously, I was overreacted. I cried then and there. Funny right? It’s not that he’s completely bald. There’s still hair on his scalp.... But the point is that’s not as I have ever imagined. The last time we had him bald was on his 13th day old, and it took him almost 8 months for his hair to become visible with naked eyes :D

Then the daddy revealed the story. Once Aaron was sat on the chair, he got agitated. He screamed to people’s deaf and became so unruly. The barber had to use the machine to maintain safety. And tadaaaa.... that’s the end result.


  1. memang overreacted! sampai nanges! XOXOXOX xleh blah btol! akak bace pon terkekek ketawe ;p

  2. waaaahhh...
    smart la aaron dgn rambut baru..
    ths's not bald la ummi...
    cool wat...


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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