Sunday, May 22, 2011

His first steps & his 15th months...

He took almost 15 months to change his status from a baby to a toddler. He made me speechless and got me into no more complaining and get-ready-to-catch-me-Ummi status. Yes, no more whining about how and why he is still not walking, but perhaps, afterwards, more of a how to make him stagnant just for a minute.

All this while, I kept praying and hoping I'd be the first to watch his first strides. And when it happened, I was unutterably mesmerized. How this petite creature grows so rapidly. How am I going to catch up and adapt. And how he slowly, eventually has his own life, survive, and then again, change his status from a boy to a man.

Oh how fast time flies....

Dear my Little Houddy,
I witness your ups and downs throughout your life. And today, I witness you walk singlehandedly... I am so proud that you’ve pulled out all the stops to succeed your first step of independence. And I’m in no doubt you are capable to create more triumph in the future.

15months are like 15 seconds to me. Everything seems so fast, so quick. I miss the fragile you. In fact, I miss you in any episode of your life.

15 months or 15 years, you are still my baby, forever.

Date: 17/05/2011: with tears of gratefulness :)

Happy fifteenth month old my Baby Houddy!



  1. yayyy..
    blh lawan lari ngn aaron dah...

  2. Aaron, congratulation!! I can see how fast you can walk from the picture above. Now you did it. Really want to meet you again and can walk together with Abang Amin

  3. Iman... chett... mau lawan lari ngn budak. meh lawan lari ngn mak budak tengok sapa menang.hehehe...

    wafa... amin dah jalan tegap...boleh tolong pimpin aaron houdd ni ha...jalan jatuh lagi...

  4. Huhu, tak pa jalan jatuh pun. Once dia tau da boleh jalan, mesti dia takkan give up. Walk and walk again until can run;)

  5. yay aaron dah boleh jalan dah. kejap je kan tiba2 dorang dah besar. oh my...


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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