Friday, March 1, 2013

A note from The Sultan Qaboos's country

It's been 9 days we are here - away from our beloved country, family and friends.

And here's what I really want to tell:

Following my hubby abroad, giving him chance to groom his career while I, a master student, have to sacrifice on my dream career- being a full time housewife, taking care of the kids and hubby, writing thesis, doing chores, repeating routines, giving in my social life - friends, fav places to hang out, etc... is one very tough decision to make.

and above all, it may seem so unfair. 

But here's the deal. Long distant relationship is full of crap, at least for us. Yeah we never like it and as far as we know, nothing else would content a happily married couple than being together. Together in hardships, sorrow, pain, struggles in life, and also in happiness, joy, laughter. 

An eleven months LDR experience has taught me a lot. It has changed some part of me and my perceptions too. Going down the lane on how I had to struggle being a single mom to my kids was a heartbreaking for both of us. Never will I forget the moment where I had to carry a 14 kg toddler with  high fever to the hospital at 11pm while I was carrying another human being inside me. Waiting in the A&E with few visits to toilet due to morning sickness. Not to forget the moment I had to drive to UM by myself to complete my labworks, each time was so challenging also due to pregnancy symptoms mainly nausea. How was I going to vomit in the forever congested traffic at Federal Highway, and I remember one time I almost got cramped leg while I was stuck in a bad traffic. Not to mention the frustrations of couldn't share the bad news to my most trusted person right after receiving it, never mind to have my head on his shoulders.

And there were my counting days- a few minor surges and false alarm without my hubby by my side. Fighting over the possibility of hubby might not come back during delivery through phone calls, having postpartum complication and again, hubby wasn't around. And more sick kids- both Aaron and Saraa, all without the Daddy, the one we always need to be around.

Even if all those tests didn't appear, the need of a best friend when we were in despair, the touch of  the loved one when we were in pain and the giggles and the face that had budding loneliness when he's not around was killing enough. 

And for me, that is not all. One thing that worried me was the feeling of 'It's OK' that grew bigger day by day. You know, when we used to do things on our own and we deliberately getting used to it, and we think we can handle things all by ourselves. Hah, sometimes it freaked me out cause I sometimes had to ask myself whether or not I still love my hubby. Well of course the answer is yes, but you know, because we rarely do things together anymore, I sometimes didn't seem to bother if he didn't call me even once for the day. Lagi2 lah he was busy and different time zone also contribute to the limitations. I sensed this mostly during our last period of LDR few months before I followed him here. Wouldn't a wife supposed to wait for her hubby's call and if there was, she should be so happy to pick up the call? No? I was the opposite. If I had fast asleep I won't bother a call from him although that considered our first chat of the day. And sometimes during the conversation I can multi task with instagramming, Facebooking, or anything else depending on the time. Wasn't 100% focusing on him. So yes, I didn't like that. I was seen as a bad wife.  

Moving here, I'd left many unsettled things but bring them along to inshaAllah, settle them from here, step by step. Capitulate on my dream career and struggle to finish my responsibility as a student , Only Allah knows how am I going to survive here, what way suits me best, and which direction I will eventually choose. I may have to undergo many obstacles, failures, frustrations, and discouragement regardless of how mature the decision we'd made. But in the end, I know whatever it is, this is my destiny.

So now, we are back together again. I pray to Allah that we won't have to face the same test again, inshaAllah. Being together doesn't mean end of story and everything will go smooth. Our life here has just begun, so that means more upcoming challenges, more tests and more surprises. But as long as we are together, I hope we can handle life as we supposed to do, the best we can.

Thank you for your never ending thoughts, du'a and encouragements. Only Allah can repay all your good deeds.

Maryam Saraa 3months old in this photo. Amik dari instagram je malas nk upload lain.hehe



  1. Jie,

    ada insta ek? nak follow...hihihi..insta akak: nordini cahaya agamaku

    geramnyer sara....kiss sikit...

    memang ada sesetengah manusia , yg mana begitu tak keruan pabila melihat kehidupan manusia lain. Agaknya terlalu banyak masa lapang kot ekkk mereka ni.....

    pengalaman kita lebih kurang sama walaupun perspektif berbeza. Akak pon pernah dipersoalkan semata2 ikut bro khaw duduk penang (penang ja pon).....dlm keadaan master belum siap (writing) & tak ada kerja & financial not stabil...

  2. Mintak maaf kalau aku pernah ada tanggapan seperti di atas. hehehe.

  3. Kak Dinie: bab writing tu yang tak larat tu kan... huhu...

    Shye: takde masalah shye. aku pon time tensi kadang2 terpikir mcmtu... i take it postively org yg beranggapan mcmtu mostly sbb dorg concern n kesian kt kitorg. cume as a wife kenalah jugak aku explain so that ppl dont get wrong perception dkt hubby. sama la mcm org anggap kenapa aku taknak ikot hubby terus. klu bolh mmg nk ikot tp dgn pregnant lg toddler lg. sorg2 kt sana klu bsalin sume tade org tgk. so tu lah dia nya.hehe

  4. Jie,
    layout baru dah (soory, kita baru baca blog ni ha,hmm kantoi dah nampak sangat la kita jarang jengah ke sini;P)

    For me,Biar apa orang nak kata,yg penting kita tau apa yg kita buat. Tambah pulak yg melalui nya kita. segala pahit maung dalam harungi kehidupan ni paling penting ialah kita senantiasa bersyukur dgn apa yg Allah beri.

  5. Salam jie.cantiknya blog! :p

    Orang tak faham apa yang kita lalui.Dan tak mungkin kita bagitahu segala yang kita lalui.Biarlah mereka.
    you're strong mom! hadapi semua di atas tanpa suami. Salute odah :)

    semoga Allah mudahkan utk jie sekeluarga dan murahkan rezeki ya!


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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