Sunday, July 29, 2012

on something truly sad


I should be writing about something else. I've 2 things in my mind, both are about child's education. I'm actually restraining myself from updating my blog right now, coz I've not yet complete my 3rd chapter of my thesis (which I am now 3 weeks delay of my dateline-even though not entirely my fault-but yeah, still...that's my first priority now)...

But the pressure of thesis writing is sometimes unbearable! especially when you stuck on something that you have no total control over, and that delay your work, hence change your entire plan... I'm 7months pregnant now and I need to speed up.  Things will be more complicated if I couldn't afford to complete my first draft before delivery. "Allahumma Laa Sahla Illa ma ja'altahu sahla. Wa anta taj'al khazana idza ma syi'ta sahla.... Aminnnn"

And yes... writing an entry in my dearly blog is totally different feeling. It's like the best place you can visit whenever you want, especially during the time you want to look back on your precious memories. It's also the trusted place where you can jot down whatever you want, considering you don't mind what people may judge you :D I never mind not having any reader, as my main objective is to keep the memories alive, and to share something that I know, especially about parenting and children education. Share aje lah, org baca or tak lain cerita. Hopefully it can be some kind of my effort of spreading knowledge :)

And oh yes, speaking of blog- I'd read one of my friend's blog about friendship couple of days ago. She did mention about how sometimes friendship becomes something so weird- like you know- you used to have close friends where you share almost everything but things changed after everyone gets married or starts a new life (I'm rephrasing her words in my own way and understanding by the way.hehe)... She also mentioned about having to remove her friends in her blog who apparently doesn't really seem to care about her life anymore. Mind you her blog is in private mode. So it might make sense. She only maintain true blog-friends (in a sense) that still care for her, and she'd of course care for them too... Overall, it's about quality friendship...

I somehow agree to her points- quality friendship. Like I always say, I'm no a hardcore blogger. I don't mind not having a lot of followers. I do maintain some blogs, be it from the owner that I know in real life, or those who I just found in this blogging world. I choose them not because they are popular, having a lot of followers and what not. I choose to maintain reading their blogs because they have something to give me, something beneficial in term of knowledge,inspiration and motivation, and maybe much more, even if they have only like 12 followers, I really don't care. They are good mothers, inshaAllah good muslims. I've met new friends in blogging, friends that I can share things and thoughts though we never meet in person.

I know some of my friends keep updating my life by reading my blog. Indeed, I'm using the same method too. Fully understood, things nowadays are so much different than back then. We are tight with a lot of commitments - work, study, hubby, children, family, business, you name it... Sometimes it's not that we totally forget our friends, but maybe...maybe there are constrains that keep us busy. And I'm sure we still remember each other and the longing of old friends stick around together is so deep inside our hearts... That is why. I hope my dear friends can steal some of their times to update their blogs, because I need to know they are now truly happy, truly alive, as I am happy for their happiness. ..And most importantly, coz I don't want our friendship to fade, for whatever reason it may be.

So friends - esp my closest friends - you know who you are - please lah rajin sikit update blog naa. I miss you all so much. FB is not the same as we don't really tell our stories in FB. nak call pun kadang2 tak menyempat, tak berangkat, kalau you all tak return my call pun nanti macam2 speculation syaitan dok invent dalam hati.... I know you guys are busy. everybody is busy. even Aaron Houdd is busy. Hehe.. But please lah.... OK?! 

P/S: I have a friend that we met since form 1. And we still can call each other despite how busy our life is. Sometimes we meet. It's simple. When one of us call each other during wrong timing, we just have to call back or text each other later on. And we still manage to make silly jokes and share stories - just like old times.... Oh of course, she is a career woman, married, and has baby too.... Some other friends, although we don't meet each other due to distant etc, but we keep on buzzing each other's life through FB message, YM, blog, etc... I think at least we make use of the techno wisely. hehe... 


  1. suka baca blog ni sbb most of the point mmg sama dgn apa yg dlm benak fikiran ini heheh.
    cuma tidak menyempat utk update blog sndiri so slalu bila baca blog akk, akan jd mcmni:
    "eh, sama la kite.."
    "la..aku pun nk cakap psl ni jugakkk.."

    keep updating blog, sis :))

  2. hehehe...macam terkene kat batang hitung lak XDDD
    ces!!! gie pon same jer!!!!!!!!!


  3. Toingggg!!!

    Oklaa.. Oklaa.. Aku kembali aktif blk..

    Hg slalu ckp jgn lps kawen lupa kawan (rephrase)..
    Tp bila hg tulis ni aku cam terasa lak..he. Tp aku tak lupa kawan..aku cuma xtau nak tulis apa ja.. Sbb dh ada teman berbicara sekarang ni (ngenggg :p).

    Tp aku akn usahakn update jgk blog. Fb mmg tak de gaya la..ramai sgt dlm tu..xbest.

  4. Yeayy, rasanya kali ni bjaya post komen.

    Anyway dear sahabati.. I always love n miss u =).

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yati: selalu jgk akk jenguk personal blog yatie...ceritalah psl cik odah si anak dara tue.hehe

    Kak Shikin: nasib blog akk dh kembali berpenghuni. Kite cakap sec general. termasuk diri sndr la tu.hehe. alaa akk dh terasa nk kaitkan ngn kite jgk...kahkahkah

    Iman: baguih la hg dh tersedar utk aktifkan blog.haha. amboi dia dh ada teman bicara, belagak na. nyampah I! :P

  7. Gie.. hehehe tersenyum aku membaca entry nih. Sorry lambat aku respon..

    Aku mmg serious pasal quality tu.. Because, kawan2 aku yg selama ni yg rapat sekadar atas urusan dan atas sebab nama dan kelompok yg include aku, tak lah quality mana pun. In fact, aku tak kira as sahabat.. It is sad. Rather than keeping them (not making me happy n wasting time), baik aku pilih kawan2 lain yg lebih memberi kebahagiaan dan support and sharing yg sama2 membina each other (like this la hehe)..

    I came to think of this bila ada sorang kawan lama aku ckp it is ok 'choosing your friends'. Tiba2 macam "toing!!" kat kepala aku n aku pk, betul jugak.. It actually make me much happier.. daripada berada dekat dengan kelompok yg tak kisahkan pasal diri aku pun... Not that aku tak berminat untuk bertanya dan keep in touch tapi mereka pun tak pernah nak bother tanya apa2 pasal aku or amik tahu pun pasal aku contohnya bila aku hilang utk beberapa lama (and that's not considered as friendship. don't sound like they care much), so.. I better leave or find others.. (I did tanya khabar mereka but that was it, takde sifat amik berat yg sama setimpal dari mereka).

    Tak perlu ikut telunjuk orang (like just because that person is popular among peers so kita pun nak ikut join kawan), tapi ikut kata diri hati sendiri.. pilih kawan yg benar2 sahabat, esp yg boleh dekatkan kita kepada iman, taqwa n syurga Allah. yg ikhlas memberi n menerima dengan kita.. Aku doakan agar kita semua dikurniakan sahabat2 yg baik.. n thanks Gie for sharing so many things.

  8. Gie...

    Tu wafa la tu, yg tak berapa nulih di blog..
    wei, rindu pada semua,terlalu banyak kenangan. masih terbayang wajah2 sahabati sekalian. Pada diri, tiada yang 'SEASON, CHOOSY FRIENDSHIP', jika kita bersahabat kerana Allah ;-). Jka kita senatiasa bersangka baik pada orang, perasaan yang duk menghantui...'hmm, orang tu tak ingat kita dah'mesti xde punya


    Rindu korang gak wei, tak caya..I selalu tgk FB korang (mcm skodeng jauh2 ja)


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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