Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our first Bali trip...

I've couple of topics drafted in my mind. Apparently those are way more parenthood-wise (in my sense. Hehe) than this one. But I don't want to let the excitment fades by times like the Brunei trip that I'd been thinking to share the whole worth experience with you but in the end I did nothing :(

My hubby had had a week with us last April. He'd one day business meeting to attend, and the rest was all family matters. Right after arrival, we'd our baby check up at our family clinic. The doctor had asked Aaron twice whether he wanted a sister or a brother, and he answered both time with the same answer.... "I want sister".... Gulp...

The second day, he settled his duty to his mom, made her a very vogue glasses (my MIL is more cun melecun now. haha), and had dinner with the family. We had quite a great time that night despite the very hectic day my hubby and I was having that day.

And the third day, he came to me with a suprise! A Bali trip for just the 4 of us! Oh how nice to spend time with each other after the long separation.

Briefly, it was just a 3D2N trip. Yes, definetly it wasn't enough to visit such a place in just 3 days. Pergi Langkawi pun kalau nak sedap 4D3N ye tak... And true, so many beautiful places we'd missed to visit. But I don't mind at all. Because I know exactly the whole purpose of the very trip was for us to spend time together... But why Bali? Why not other places in Malaysia since it was a short period vacation only? Well, that one only my hubby knows :)

OK now... About Bali.
It's an island with wonderful people and beautiful places to visit (if u love beach and art/hictorical places). Majority of the population are Hindus and we can see statues every where. There are tonnes of Pura (temples) along the roadside, in the village area, every where. We didn't quite sure which place to visit but luckily we had a very helpful tourist guide.

We had visited:
-The Batik hous
-Sri Dewi Gold & Silver collection - we got 50% discount for the silver bangle because we are 'serumpun'. How thrilled was that!
-Dewa Putu Turis art gallery
-The Paddy terrace
-Elephant Safari Park
-Alam Bali agriculture (Traditional Bali coffe, tea and spices) - also got discount for the same reason but have to say 'potongan harga' instead so that tourists from other countries didn't notice. hahaha.
-Kintamani (volcano)
-Pura Thirta Empul (hundreds of stairs... I stayed in the car with Aaron. Hehe)
-Another temple which I'd forgotten the name. Oppsss... hehe...
-Cening Ayu souvenir shops. 10% dicount for each item.

Among all the places, we'd come to agreement that The Elephant Safari Park was the best for a family visit. Aaron Houdd loved riding Nopi the elephant so much!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to visit its among the world's best surf sport- the beach! My hubby had purposedly chosen the outsikrt place for our stay because it's the best place to relax- not crowded with tourists- if you want to have a privacy stay. But we didn't have time to visit the beach.

One thing so obvious about Bali is the compulsory charges tourists have to pay to most places, although it's just an eye-seeing place near the road (like the paddy terrace and the volcano). It's not worth because you have to pay certain amount (not cheap trust me) just for a few minutes watching.

And.... of all few countries I'd visited in my life, the Bali International airport is the only airport where we had to pay for "kos layanan pesawat" something like that, in the middle of the boarding process. Seriously, where's the layanan? nothing! And it cost us around rm200++ per person. Aaron Houdd was also charged with the same price.

1) Bali is all about money.... Heh heh...
2) If I've to compare between Bali and Brunei (our neighbouring countries), I'd to say that I'd learnt a lot more in Brunei, in terms of the cultures, lifestyle, politics, etc... But Bali is indeed a beautiful place in some way.

Erm... personally, I'd enjoyed our stay in the hotel (The Viceroy Bali) more than any of the visited places. Hehe. We stayed at the Delux Terrace Villas. Aaron Houdd was the happeiest person among us because we had private swimming pool in the villa and he immersed himself in the water for hours! We also enjoyed the Spa treatment, except for when Aaron Houdd threw tantrum during the massage session. Urghhh! Spoilt the mood. Heheh.

OK. here's some photos as an ole-ole... Psstttt.... My hubby had bought new Nikon D5100-another suprise for me- as our Canon G11 had broken and was sent for repair. Big mouth ain't I? :))

Among the places we'd visited

The Viceroy Bali


  1. Wah syoknya 'honeymoon' dgn Aaron!!! Akak jeles...hikhikhikhik.

    Oh ya, akak mengalami masalah fussy eater dgn Ajwad ! Memang susah makan. Ajwad tu, minum susu jer sehari suntuk pon takpa. Takut sgt nak makan, esp nasi....aduh nampak nasi mcm nampak musuh!

    Percaya x, Ajwad cuma start mkn nasi secara serius mulai thn lepas ajer? Itu pon melalui cara paksaan secara aggresif ! Sampai menangis2 lah! Terpaksa guna method tu dah, sebab dia x mkn saman sgt !

    so skrg dia dh boleh terima still x byk mcm budak lain. Itupun kena bersuap pujuk bagai.....aduhhhh.....sabarrr.....

    Amzar takder problem...mkn apa saja setakat ini.....dan banyak!!! hehehe.....

  2. Kerja kuat, gaji berbaloi dengan workaholicnya, maka berbaloilah gi Bali... hehehe.. takkan la takat Malaysia jerrr kan...

  3. Kak Dini: Jgnla jeles, Bg la chance kat kitorg yg bolh reunion sbulan skali je.hehe...

    Oh, rupanya ajwad pun sama. picky eater juga. rugi la dia padahal mama dia terer masak. hehe...

    Shye:Tak la shye. Kat mesia pn best apa. byk lg tmpat menarik aku tak lawati kt mesia ni.hehe


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