Saturday, April 21, 2012

A great little star in the house!

Oh I just realized that is having a new sophisticated look now!

Assalamu'alaikum dear friends,
Today is not a good day for me in terms of health condition. I am having nausea since afternoon. I'd throw up whatever food I ingest. And I notice this prolong nausea has happened since last monday... Ayyooo, En.hubby nak balik this monday, I pulak tak sihat... Huhuhu...

Sadly, Aaron Houdd is in TokDaddy's house since last night. He's OK during day time but will definetly throw some tantrums in the early morning. And when that happens, he'll refuse everybody except whoever he'd choose on that particular time and that could last for 2-3 hours, perhaps until Subuh! But my condition doesn't allow me to drive back to Tok Daddy's house to be with my dear son... Sorry sayang!

Speaking of that boy.... I've kept a lot of stories about him in my brain. Pity the Daddy who always ask for updates but so sorry I couldn't make it so oftenly. Huhu...

I don't remember whether or not I've ever told you this: Aaron Houdd has become a nifty, terrific singer in the house! He loves singing and he'll sing in almost every word he's expressing - yes, even to the point he's asking Onni for kopok (keropok), or asking Mama for a milk.

He'll sing - "Onni, fry kopok, Onni fry kopok... Pleaseeee" or "Mama, make milk, mama make milk... pleaseeeee"

He has a good vocal and the pitching is not bad either. Just that... Sometimes he loves to mix and match the lyrics. Oh and the melody is standard to every song. Hahaha!

He loves to sing the Alphabet song, from A TO the 'next time won't you sing with me?'.
and the 1,2,3 song.... sometimes up to 20. And the Alif Ba Ta up to Yaa...

But now he prefers to mix A,B,C with Alif Ba Taa... or sometimes in the middle you can hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Alhamdulillah, he has now mastered the alphabet, numbers and Jawi, though with slight mistakes every now and then. That's fair enough for a 2 years old boy like him don't you think so? :)

Aaron Houdd is now our official reciter of The Du'a before eating.

But don't ever mess up with this little boy. He'll give you a 'look' when you are around the dinner table but you don't raise your hand for the Du'a. He'd sometimes stop reciting the Du'a if there is distraction... or more precisely if he got distracted. Haha... We tried to record this but to our dismay, he never allow us. He'd either stop reciting the Du'a, or usually diverge the Du'a with some songs. Haiyyaaaa!

And he'll recite Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiimmm before every bf session :)

And he can now talk over the phone. Just this morning he asked me to come over because he hasn't change his diaper and wanted me to bathe him. So funny. But surely you can't expect much. If you have 3 minutes with him on the line, you'll only get to speak with him for a good 1 minute, and the rest is the sound oh him pressing the buttons.

What else?

Oh and a lot more.... Just like any other child his age. And what's written here is something that I want to keep and remember, and perhaps for him to know in the future :)

It's very tiring having him around, but it's so flattering at the same time. Last few days my labwork was messed up and I was so tired because I worked more than a normal office hour for two consecutive days plus my sickness condition, yet the result I got was not good. I thought of going back to Shah Alam, had some rest and be alone. Instead, I drove straight to my boy despite all the tense. As expected, everything went just fine as I first saw him, even from 100 metres away!

I guess that is one of thousands more hikmah of having children. Alhamdulillah :D

OK lah. Till then...

Tengok tu. Dah bujang dah! :p

* Tak sabar nak tunggu Daddy Aaron Balik and nak bagi Daddy Aaron impress bila dengar Aaron nyanyi I LOVE U by Barney siap dengan gaya :DD *


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