Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's in your bag honey?

Pavillion, KL.
Hi ladies,
Nothing much to say today...
Except for about some rampant feelings I always have when Aaron Houdd is not around- like rindu, rindu and more rindu..Oh and also the sad feeling of not having him around. Tsk...Tsk... Well, it's actually more than just that, and it depends on situation :P

And those great and irresistible feelings come easier when the recollection of Aaron Houdd is (almost) everywhere.

Like when I'm home alone, and I see the whole house is upside down, a special touch made by the only one boy in this house, I sense him.

Like when I'm in the car, glancing at the back seat and spot upon his cars and jumbo jet, I sense him.

Like when I often find any of his belongings- toys, books and some pieces of eaten yet unfinished biscuits tucked in my handbag, I sense him. And I've to bring them along the whole day. Without him, but with the effects of him. That, makes me miss him even more!

Oh yes I'm no a girlish girl. Or maybe, actually not a decent proper one. I don't really have a package of make-up in my handbag. And oh yeah I'm a mess. :P


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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