Sunday, October 30, 2011

Salaam from the Gulf: I'm still alive!

Before I go into details, let me tell you this: This is a drafted entry. I’m not sure when will I get the chance to get connected to a real human world again, but whenever the time is, I’ll post this entry anyway.
(Sounds so depressing ain’t I?)

It is quite depressing in some way that I don’t even know how to start. (Oh cut the crap, it’s the 2nd paragraph already. Hehe)

OK OK. First of all, I miss everything around me, inside and outside me, back then. I miss my family, my friends, my routine, food, food and yes, food. Hehe… It’s not even a week yet but I’ve sensed a huge void of loneliness here. Bear with me, and you’ll know why. Anyhow, I don’t need reason to miss ya all rite? Likewise, you don’t need reason to miss me, not even have to tell me that you miss me, coz I knew it. Hehe

Alhamdulillah, we arrived here safely at around 2 a.m Malaysia zone. The journey was OK, the food was not bad, and Aaron Houdd was soooo lively all the way here. We were placed (and now residing) in Al-Murooj Rotana, a suite that is so sweet. I never thought to be located in such a place. Honestly, I’d prepared something less similar than place like this. We have a comfy residency here- A small but cozy kitchen with complete cooking and cutlery sets and a washing machine plus dryer (If I know about this, I’d have just bring less clothes, you know- so that bile balik ada banyak space untuk letak barang shopping), daily garbage cleaning, 3 times/week housekeeping, and breakfast for every morning! As an appetizer to this first outlying entry, let us first enjoy the photos:

 So how’s life here? Let’s start with the weather. As we are about to welcome a so-called winter season on November, morning has become hazy. But the atmosphere is dry and dusty. I’ve so far gotten the chance to feel the real weather twice only because I stay indoors most of the time.

Now we talk about time. Malaysia time zone is 4 hours ahead of us. 7 o’clock here is as bright and sunny as 9 o’clock in Malaysia. Maghrib is as the time where Malaysian boys play soccer. If you start your day a lil late, you’d say days are short and nights come so soon…

As for us, we have some issues here. It’s either we are still stuck in Malaysia time zone, doing the routine as following our local time, or we actually have quite a good head-start here. Well, I’d prefer the second guess. Haha.

Naturally, I’m not a morning person. Not pre-marriage, not after marriage, not at all. But it came to a big surprise that I start my days as early as 5.30 am in the morning! As Suboh here is very early, people normally would take a nap before they start their day (office hour is the same like Malaysia). But we don’t (or actually can’t :P)

Coz to make thing smooth, we’ve to take breakfast together, apparently before the Daddy goes to work. Otherwise, I may not gonna have breakfast for the day. And we haven’t really Shoppe for groceries so there’s not much I can eat in the day. Itupun, during breakfast time havoc nya ya rabbi because of who else, Aaron Houdd lah!

Since I don’t have anyone here, so the only human being that I can talk to is of course my baby boy. And yeah, talking to a 19 months old, so you must know how it goes, how it feels huh? The whole day, we only have each other. Daddy is not in the picture because apparently we’re here because of his duty so yes, he has to work from dawn to dark. I glimpse on the time for thousands times per day and it shows that I really can’t wait to have my hubby around!

I never bore being a full time housewife. But with nobody to talk to, no connection to the outside world, I’m going nuts. Alhamdulillah Aaron Houdd is around, but still, kids don’t really understand adulthood life. So as an ordinary human being, I do need friends here. So friends, come pay me some visits, I need ya! J

Oh yeah, Aaron Houdd is my only company here, and I am a full time housewife if you may ask. It seems I've so much time here haven’t I? Yeah, so much time, and I suppose I can start writing my thesis seriously. That’s the plan.

But Aaron Houdd is as lonely as I am. He has no one else to play with, not many toys we have here. So the only attention he can demand is from whom else? The mother!

So as much as I can tell, it’s beyond imagination how Aaron is so attached to me every second. I cannot do much. I can’t even have a relaxing pooping you know? He attaches to me literally for almost every minute. Yes, literally! With susu, or without susu. This, is the biggest challenge for me here coz I have plans, I have many things to do but I just can’t. Honestly, it’s quite depressing.

And time is ticking so slowly here. That’s what I feel. Perhaps it’s due to the very limited *almost null* access I have to the outside world, and I’ve not many activity as an option. But other than that, life is quite OK here, especially for the readjustment of my spiritual behaviors. I know at some points I have to fork out more effort on my original plan, and I’m getting a wee bit frustrated for the fact that I know things are not as easy as everybody may expect. But at least, for the spiritual behavior, I am enjoying the flow, inshaAllah, even for most of the time, Aaron Houdd is pocking my eyes, pulling my telekung and doing various sorts of things to me during my solah, but that is fine to me.

Oh, I think this is too much already for the comeback. I hope to drop here again some other time.
P/S: Aaron Houdd has started calling his every day people around him. I think he misses them so much. That makes me weep!

Xiet Enigma
21/10/11-Approx on the 3rd days here
(I am in the bathroom, teman Aaron mandi masa nak post entry ni.Huh,pathetic!)


  1. this is kinda funny, but actually i kinda understand that *sticking-to-each-other* part when i used to take care of a kitten for a week ^_____^ the original plan was totally swing 180 degrees & made me think how amazing an ideal mother is ^_^

    Gie, take care kat sane! dok dalam rumah pun xleh nak buat ape2. p la take a stroll with Houd, daripada *dating* kat dalam umah je :D

  2. oh aku paham la sangat part tak sempat buat kerja lain2 tuh! ada pe cara utk contact ko kat sane? telepon/sms mcamane??

    cantik giler suite!!! nanti tunjuk gambar2 kat luar suite plak! :)


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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