Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Allah, please give me strength!

I have had a very long and tiring day these days!

He refuses to keep anyone to be his company, but only me.
     He demands attention and not interested in sharing me with others!
          I could't move an inch without him clinging and tugging on me. He'll do whatever it takes to stay close to me.

He becomes a picky eater, very very picky that he barely takes any food for his meal
He'll pour and spread his food on the floor/couch. That's the only way he could have a big smile on his face during meal time.

Sometimes he doesn't want to bathe or wear clothes, never mind to get his hair comb.
He doesn't want to stand up, let alone to walk.

He cries aloud and a lot...
He'll cry when he want something he couldn't reach
He'll cry when he lost me from his sight
He'll cry for no reason at all!
Oh, there IS a reason,
He cries to get more of my attention!

Everything is about him
My whole world revolves around him

He has power, and he rules

...And when I spill my tears, he'll give a big smile of him and immediately convert the tears with his saliva that he left through his bunch of kisses all over my face... He knows exactly how to soothe me.

He is indeed, my only little boy... Ever growing, ever charming, ever loving. 



  1. amboi manjanya anak ummi niiii...

  2. Dua-dua sedang belajar untuk faham perasaan masing2;) Aaron nak cakap pun tak boleh..dia tunjuk melalui action dia. Itula uniknya anak kita kan? Apepun, itulah pengorbanan seorang ibu...

  3. hehehe, aron sgt chomel tau,
    tulah kan, bebudak ni byk ragam, kadang2 tuh rasa tak sabar, rasa mcm tercabar..huhuhu,
    May Allah guide us, give more and more stronger ,


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!