Thursday, April 21, 2011

15 things that change when you become a mother

  1. You love your parents (especially your mom) more than before
  2. You suddenly become more sensitive and more responsible, even over small things
  3. You consider your health as very important, because you know there's one creature rely on you
  4. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself
  5. You stop listening to Faizal Tahir's and now humming on ABC's songs.
  6. You willing to spend your money on buying baby stuffs than a pair of shoes you've been craving for ages.
  7. Poo-poo is just a small matter
  8. Nothing is personal anymore. Everything yours is his
  9. If you don't believe in love at first sight before, well now you do!
  10. Your career become second, and the greatest achievement you're looking forward is to be the best mom in the world.
  11. Congratulations, you are now a superhuman!
  12. You can talk about tooth for hours
  13. You don't really mind playing animal roles everywhere
  14. Your date with your hubby is no longer a 'date'
  15. You learn that a petite-innocent creature is powerful enough to melt your heart. And you willing to give all your love to that petite creature.

Sometimes words fail to explain a simple thing....

I love you Aaron Houdd,
And not to forget, I love you too Daddy Aaron Houdd (^_^)

What about you my fellow fabulous moms?



  1. eh g, nape houd punye rambut xsekate tumbuhnye? ade iras najmi mase kecik2 plak, tp kaler xsame sangat lah ^^

  2. hehe.tumbuh banyak tu pun dah cukup baik dah kak,berjanggut tunggu tu.hehe (daddy dia la yg bjanggut)

    muka sama ngn anuar ms kecik.najmi punya muka iras anuar gak.genetik kuat...

    rambut warna mmg mcmtu. besok besa hitam la tu. dah anak org melayu kan...heee

  3. yup...a lot of things change bila dah jadi ibu/ kita rasa lebih menghargai ibu/bapa kita dan kapa yang merkean buat masa kita kercil2 dulu

    Shocking|Kandungan Gula dalam Susu Tepung Untuk Membesar Anak-Anak

  4. Bila dah jadi mak, banyak perkara dah berubah.
    Banyak benda jadi tak sama.
    Tapi, itu cara Tuhan mengajar dan mengingatkan kita.
    Love. Responsibility. Life.
    May Allah bless us.


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

Tribute to all mothers in the world!