Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My re-lactation experience

Most mommies that I had found claimed that the commonest reason why mommies do not fully breastfeed their babies for longer time is because of short time of milk production. Majority of moms experience breastfeeding up to 3 - 4 months only, especially for working moms.

My personal opinion of why they can succeed the first 3-4 months of breastfeeding is because of their close relation and bonding with their babies during the confinement days (see, this is the biggest clue!). When they get back to work, the production of milk is decreasing day by day due to less time is being spent with the baby, high level of stress and lack of motivation to continue breastfeeding.

I had experienced times whereby I endured shortage of milk supply _ during/because of my trip to Kyoto. Being far away from Aaron for almost 12 days had triggered enough problem for me and my dearie breastfed baby (0_0) --> please feel free to click here for the story behind this -why I have to relactate. Sedih tak sedih, tp sadis jugak laaaa. huhu

But yet, there were things that I'd done to ensure my baby dinosaur can still get my milk.

Re-lactation : rebuilding of one's milk supply after lactation has stopped for a certain period of time. It can also be defined as to induce lactation. (Don't be shock to know that even an adoptive mother can re-lactate in order to produce milk even from where there was none!)

OK, let me jump to the 'what did i do for re-lactation' part first before I add on more facts later on (Before I jauh mengarut daripada tajuk post. Hehe)

1. Avoid stress - Stress is one of a major factor that can deter milk production

2. Rest! - I took few days leaves (ponteng laa senang citer) after I get back from Kyoto. Main reason was to calm my mind so that I can start re-lactation, and also to always get closer to my baby (You may also try to go for holidays or tidur kat hotel ke. Hikhik....bodek la cik abang you)

3.Keep Aaron close to me and encourage him to nurse often... This depends on your baby. Because Aaron is mommy's brat and sangat lah suke breastfeeding, he's the one who ask for it. But if you are trying to re-lactate once after your baby is getting used to bottle feeding, you might find it harder to convince your baby to nurse. But harder doesn't mean you can't. But point nu.3 is very critical to determine whether or not your re-lactation is successful because your baby is the hero in this topic. He plays a main role in re-lactation.

4. Drink lots of fluid! Tak kesah lah sampai nak terpee peee banyak kali pun, asalkan minum lah air banyak

5. Opt for pumping more frequently over lengthening individual pumping session. Maintain a regular pumping schedule. (Many moms pump on one breast while nurses the baby on the other side)

6. Eat healthily...

-Alhamdulillah, my re-lactation project was successful as the first 3-4 days, I couldn't even feel any milk had been produced, but after almost a week of trying, I started to feel more milk production. And finally, after almost 2 weeks trial, I can smile with full of satisfaction as the effort had not gone astray! Yeayewww-

Some other tips that may help re-lactation:
1. Massage
2. Consult any certified lactation consultant. You can also read more info about re-lactation so that you know some other beneficial tips that might help.
3. Supplement/mother's milk tea. A few moms are advised to take milk-inducing hormone
4. Pump after every feeding to stimulate further milk production

Alas Mommies,
Prolactin (milk-making hormone) & oxytocin (milk-releasing hormone) are pituitary (NOT ovarian) hormones. Meaning, milk production is based on supply and demand process. If the brain (pituitary) gain impulses, telling that production of milk is required, than the brain will release those hormones in order to stimulate milk production.

Those hormones are released in direct response to nipple stimulation (i.e massage, breast pump, and baby's nursing). But the most effective way of stimulating more milk production is of course through baby's nursing. So nurse as frequently as possible, build closer bond with your baby and enjoy every moment that is being spent together.

Be patient! You cannot expect your milk will produce over night. It might takes days, or even weeks. Don't be discouraged by mere tiny little drops after weeks of effort.... Always think of a positive side. You've tried your best, and the rest you leave it to Allah. Who knows, those times that you've spent with your baby would be among the most meaningful moments ever.

Look for other positive signs (more tender breasts, nipple changing colour, changes in libido and menstrual cycle, etc) rather than just counting on the performance anxiety, as it will only increase stress and hinder milk production!

Remind yourself that any amount of milk, even a very little one, can still benefit your baby (",)

Aaron Houdd 3 month old... Gumu-gumu Ummi & Daddy!



  1. wow! alhamdulillah! it's coming back! yuuhuu ^.^ gud job aaron and ummi aaron ^.^

    aaahhh farah!

  2. my baby xnak direct bf lagi cano.. :(

  3. Nrfadlh: You tau x kenapa Imaan xmo direct bf lg?mayb if u know the reason,bolh la u counter problem tu. anyway, klu dia dh xmo, maybe terpaksa la pump and bg EBM you guna bottle feeding je. tp nnt u yg kesian...asyik pump je sakit gak kn...


Peace Be Upon You (",)

Peace Be Upon You (",)

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