Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Little conversation about almost everything!

Dear Aaron,
The urge of keeping this as part of your childhood memory is compelling and I think this is quite good since we don't really have close conversation between just the two of us since the day you arrived from your Spring holiday in Malaysia (alone).

I always believe that 'talking' is part of your strength. After all, your name is chosen after the name of Prophet Haroon, the one that was known for his oratory skill! (^______^)

I love to have conversations with you because I love the way you ask questions and trying to understand the whole topic. I don't mind scratching head to answer your tricky-yet-honest questions because I know you will eventually get the point and I always satisfy with the way you comprehend to my explanation. Alhamdulillah.

Like tonight. you couldn't sleep despite the tiring 3-days and nights full of activities. Hence, our bedtime routine became a little too long as we went into (seems to me like) a very serious, never ending conversation.

Aaron: Ummi, I can't sleep coz I am afraid.
Ummi: Remember, we should not be afraid except only to Allah
Aaron: Yes, Allah and Shaitan
Ummi: You should not be afraid of shaitan. Shaitan is just one of Allah's creation like you, me, Hawwa, trees, ocean, etc. So why do you afraid of shaitan?
Aaron: Because shaitan is strong too
Ummi: No it is not. Allah is the strongest. And you know, you are even stronger than shaitan....
Aaron: (interjected before I finish) I know I know. I can fight shaitan! Erm.... How? I forgot... Oh yes... I have to pray!
Ummi: Yes, and memorize the quran. That's why you have to read quran and memorize the surah. 
Aaron: But why shaitan afraid when I pray? he will go far away right?
Ummi: Because shaitan doesn't like when you pray to Allah and do what Allah asks you to do. Inshaa Allah, if you pray to Allah, Allah will protect you from shaitan.
Aaron: Ummi, Allah creates shaitan?
(Ummi nod)
Aaron: Us too?
(Nodding again)
Aaron: When did Allah create us? When we're born?
Ummi: Actually, Allah created you when you were inside your mother's womb
Aaron: Worm? is it good worm or bad worm?
(I think he got confused he thought I meant worm)
Ummi: It's not worm like the one that eat your teeth when you don't brush your teeth (haha I got him scared by saying cavity is worm to get him brush his teeth when he was smaller. I'll correct that later on)
Ummi: Its W.O.M.B its a sac. You know sac?
(Aaron shook his head)
Ummi: It's like a bag where baby stays there when he's inside his mom's belly
Aaron: I was there too when I was a tiny baby? Why baby stays there first?
Ummi: Because at that time baby was soooo small. he cannot feed himself, cannot move... He needs his mother's help to grow. Only when he's ready to live in the world, then Allah makes him out
Aaron: How does baby go out from the womb?
Ummi: Allah will make a way for it. There will be a tunnel and a hole to let the baby out.
Aaron: It comes out from the butt right? (I think I shouldn't say hole to make thing less complicated haha)
Ummi: Not butt
Aaron: Then? 
I was about to say it but I didn't hahaha.
Ummi: Somewhere close to butt but not butt
Aaron: I can't see it right?
Ummi: Yeah
Aaron: Why?
Ummi: It is not important for you to see it now. 
(But Aaron knew sometimes baby can't come out through the tunnel so the doctor has to cut the mom's belly to let the baby out. Just like his case)
Aaron: Errmmm....But I can't see Allah too? How is Allah looks like?
Ummi: I don't know how is Allah looks like. I can't see Allah too. 
Aaron: But you said we can see Allah after we die and after we alive again right?
Ummi: Yes. You want to see Allah?
Aaron: Yeah yeah!!
Ummi: Then you have to do good and be good. Only good people can see Allah in the heaven
Aaron: But then, where is Allah now?
Ummi: Allah has His own place
Aaron: Is Allah in the outer space?
Ummi: Erm... not really. (I was hesitate to answer this)
Aaron: Oh is Allah outside the earth?
Ummi: Yes. OK the most important thing is, if you want to see Allah, you must be a good boy OK?
Aaron: OK Ummi.
The conversation didn't stop here. There was some discussions about how when you use your brain you'll become clever and vice versa but I think it's going to be too long.

I don't know how on earth a 6 years old boy can bombard questions non-stop. He didn't even pause long from one question to another. Well I guess, because he's a kid hence he is still full of wonder. I bet most of us (moms and dads) have been in this situation right? They want to know everything so instantly as if they are going to sit for an exam!

Oh Allah please bestow us with wisdom and patience in raising our children. Ameen!

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