Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go away, fever!

Gambar hiasan... Pipi Aaron dan pau sama comel :)

This has been the 2nd time Aaron Houdd demam pada waktu malam. Temperature raise suddenly at around 8-9 pm. And if refer to the previous one, demam akan kebah after aaron having it for 12 hours or so (lebih kurang keesokan petang), but will come back with lesser heat the other night... then barulah demam betul2 pulih.

Like the first time, Aaron muntah. But this time not as much as the previous one. And akan meragam sikit2... Alhamdulillah even though this time the temperature is slightly higher than before, but Aaron looks more comfortable, maybe because he doesn't have flu for this time... if not, ngamuk je susah nak nafas...Ni pun kejap tido kejap bangun...Maklumlah tak sedap badan....

Now at 1.45 am, I'm still wide awake, monitoring his condition and his fever has not reduced just yet. Last temperature check was 38.6 degree. Have given him 1.5ml/120mg Acetaminophen and really hope the temperature will reduce within this one hour... If not, terpaksalah bawak dia pergi klinik... 

And sempat lagi update blog? Oh my, emak2 zaman sekarang! No la, actually before I give him the ubat, I wanna check the appropriate dosage for him. Takut tersalah dos. Tu yang tetiba online, and since Aaron is now sleeping after struggling with his Ummi yang nak bagi ubat tadi, I pun hapdate la blog before meng off my laptop... Hehehe...

Dear Aaron,
Be strong my dear, I know you are now fighting with the infections or whatever things that have intruded your body... I am always here, by your side, so don't be afraid dear.... I love you



  1. guna body weight utk calculate the dose.
    range: 10-15mg/kg 3-4 times a day

    120mg = 5ml (common strength of paracetamol suspension available)

    Get well very soon Aaron, insyaAllah.

  2. best ada pharmacist berdaptar jadi pensekodeng belog... :P

  3. Ni Aaron demam nak tumbuh gigi baru ke? Aaron dah boleh jalan blom?

  4. pn. wafa: xtaula demam apasal. tp rsnya just normal fever to fight infection kot...sbb dia tumbuh gg xdemam...Aaron xjalan lg.. rilex dl, bg dia chance smp 18 month, if xjalan2 lg bia Dr dia marah dia. Hehe


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Peace Be Upon You (",)

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